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Oct 24: Toronto at New York [R]


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quote:Originally posted by bettermirror

"There spectacular new Arena." I didn't know anyone played soccer in Arena's. (Except the Bayarena .... or however it's spelled .... I suppose).

Point: American soccer commentators are so bad! They really make it hard to watch....

Happens to be named Redbull arena... but i do see your point.

First half was a complete embarassment. You'd think that adding someone like JDG would increase the concept of TEAM football, but we look hell bent on playing like a 11 individuals.

Way too many guys playing out of position and (suprize!) TFC look positionally poor. Considering it's year three ... that's completely inexcusable.

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With so many Canadians in key positions on this team, many of the same players who couldn't get the job (even remotely) done for Canada during WCQ, it has me wondering if their isn't a massive culture of failure in place at the core. I mean Canada had a lot of legitimate hurdles during the last cycle, but if 4 or 5 of the same players look so miserable playing together at club level as well, I think a lot of fingers have to end up pointed at the likes of DDR, DeGuzman, Brennan, Serioux, Gerba and co.

Bad year to be a Canadian supporter.

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That was an absolutely epic failure. Everyone on this team needs to ask themselves if they really did the best they could tonight. Loose defending, mental mistakes, mediocre goaltending, etc. The entire second half they looked like they were trying to pass the ball into the net, man just shoot FFS! Too much thinking, not enough dick and balls.

There was a conversation about whether playoff or not, this season was a success? Right now, it doesn't feel like it.

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