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CIS-Concordia vs Sherbrooke (R)


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Caught the Concordia Stingers vs Université de Sherbrooke Vert et Or game this afternoon at Concordia. This was my first university soccer game and I have to say I was entertained. Sherbrooke were by far the better team managing a couple of sustained attacks on the Concordia net. Sherbrooke scored in the first half in injury time when one of their midfielders (i believe it was Giuliani) sent a low shot from 30 yards out into the bottom right corner. Concordia tied it in the second half. Sherbrooke got a penalty late in the second half which their tall forward, Alpha Gamby, couldn't convert. Gamby, who is from Mali and stands 6'9", ran around all game trying to head the ball into the net, but had very little luck. He was even called for a dive in the area in the first half(I was convinced it was penalty, but the ref thought otherwise). For a guy that tall, he had very little speed but an incredibly long stride so he caught up to defenders pretty quickly. Sherbrooke had another player from Mali, Nohoum Gamby (not sure if he is related to the striker) but he stood a mere 6' 8". Concordia's players were a lot smaller and speedier but had a lot of trouble getting balls into the box.

Overall there were too many long balls for my liking and the teams could never string more than two passes together, but I enjoyed the pace and determination of the players. The game ended 1-1.

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