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Let's Rally in Victoria September 1 for Our Roof


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September 1 is Budget Day so I think us fans should do a Huge Rally in Victoria to save our MLS franchise.

The Roof is critical to our MLS bid. Considering the USL is on shaky grounds, we must rally for the Roof.

Can we plan on a Rally? Can we coordinate something? We don't have much time to plan something.

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quote:Originally posted by Vancouversoccerman

A. You're not a fan.

B. The Whitecaps aren't panicking. I don't see why anyone here should.

C. If the MLS franchise is in real danger, we'll coordinate something a bit more intelligent and powerful than just creating a lot of noise.

Vice President of Major League Soccer:

'All of the renovations to BC Place were key in Major League Soccer awarding Vancouver an expansion team," MLS senior vice-president Dan Courtemanche said from the league's New York headquarters.

"If things change, we'd have to address that. Clearly it's something that would be addressed by our commissioner and the league's board of governors," Courtemanche said.'


FFS, the Vice President of MLS is saying Vancouver's bid will come under review by the MLS and Garber if the renovations are cancelled.

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And when the Roof does get cancelled in Tuesday's budget, you will see panic.

So Bill, you're suggesting they will cancel the Roof but go ahead with the other renos.

Possible. The Roof portion was $ 150 to $ 200 million or thereabouts.

Of course the choice of turf may depend on indoor / outdoor conditions. Some turf may not be suitable for a strictly indoor environment.

And the Caps WILL NOT share the same field with the Lions. That will not happen.

I just think it's all or nothing. Do it all or don't do anything, don't just do something half-ass

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