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Metro Article on Stephen Hart's Future...

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A quick, but somewhat revealing article by Ben Rycroft in today's Metro:

"But a month after the decent Gold Cup run headed by Hart, the CSA hasn’t bothered to remove the interim tag. And when I caught up with Hart Friday to ask him how players like Dwayne De Rosario and Adrian Serioux might factor into the national side in the years ahead, he didn’t sound like a man counting on getting the job full time.

“That’s hard to say as I’m not the national coach — just an interim. Any coach coming in will wipe the slate clean,” Hart said.

And he certainly didn’t sound confident when I asked him about any upcoming friendlies.

“Any coach coming in is going to ask for a lot of international games on FIFA dates. They will want opposition against CONCACAF opponents so they can get used to that environment. They’ll need quite a bit of games. But as I said, I’m just the interim head coach.”

Hart admitted he has not had any formal discussions with the CSA about the full-time position. But I’ve since learned that the CSA board will meet next month — at which time it will discuss Hart’s future."


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Aside from winning the trust of the players and getting decent results from them, Hart has also assisted through one qualifying run and bossed us through two Gold Cups. I think it takes experience in CONCACRAP to qualify in CONCACRAP and if Hart doesn't get the job the next guy had better have equivelant experience.

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