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Jonathan the talk of Feyenoord.and Holland

john tv

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Scoring some spectacular goals and setting up another Feyenoord won


Been the Feyenoords coach and now the messiah said that as long as he was the coach Jonathan will have the starting position,which I assume will be the no 10.Also the position Jonathan wants.Feyenoord is in first place and that is very big news in Holland.In the meantime Jonathan being a free agent soon,is on the trading block with a deadline of Aug 30.He seems to be quite happy to stay yet he will also take it as it comes.Rumours well Arsenal,Man city and even Real are still alive.

Our boy from Scarborough the leader in mvp votes today is creating a huge response on the chatlines and the one under his own name is sometimes hillarious to read.Anyway he is back in the headlines in Holland and survived that serious injury.Jonathan welcome back I missed all that chat stuff and headlines.I am sure that Bobby is very very relieved.

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