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Toronto Lynx qualify three junior teams for finals

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Lynx Qualify Three Teams for Finals


Toronto Lynx News Release - www.torontolynxpremiersoccer.com

Friday, August 7, 2009

TORONTO, ON - The Toronto Lynx Soccer Club announced today that three of its Junior Lynx teams have qualified for the Super Y-League North American finals to be contested in Tampa, Florida this coming November. All three squads qualified from the very competitive Midwest Division of the SYL, which recently wrapped up its regular season.

"Seeing three teams advance to the North American Finals is our greatest achievement as an Academy and Super Y-League program,” stated Academy Director Duncan Wilde. "We will be taking our U16 and U17 Boys to the tournament, along with our U17 Girls. This is the first time one of our girls’ teams has reached the finals, and we’re very proud of that milestone.”

The teams will spend the rest of the summer and the fall training program preparing for the finals tournament. The teams will supplement their regular training schedule with entry into several high-profile American tournaments and college showcase events to prepare for the event.

Full details of the program along with other Junior Lynx and Academy news will be posted at Junior Lynx web site at www.torontolynxpremiersoccer.com.

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I can think of no reason why team officials would do this. The PDL team struggled to two wins this year after making the playoffs the year before.

The PDL league is a great place for their junior players to graduate to. The season fits nicely into NCAA school season system where all the players can be back to school by mid August. The division teams can get to each city within a day's drive.

I don't see a reason why they'd want to travel all the way to Bermuda to play the Hoggs or Charlotte to play the Missionaries..uh Eagles. Playoffs start at the end of August and who'd still be on the roster at that time of year.

The Lynx drew NO consistant mainstream press coverage their last few years when they played in USL-1. The team has their small loyal fans and I can't see a rush of fans buying tickets to see Wilmington Hammerheads.

The new PDL team Forest City London is a more believable rivalry.

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Teams don't necessarily just move up the American USL ladder because they win games or lose games. They move up because they have a fan base and a financial base to support it. For example, when/if Victoria move to USL1, how many of their mid-table season 1 PDL guys will be there? 1 or 2?

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^ Someone in the Lynx organization mentioned to me a couple of months ago that they will have some announcement to make in the fall or winter. I'm not sure what that was about. Maybe Duncan has found an investor to help him finance a move to USL2.

I'm not really sure if I think it is a good move but time will tell I guess.

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In the end it would be up to concacaf (and they wouldn’t allow it) but imagine a Toronto-Toronto home game for the Lynx. It wouldn’t be inconceivable for the Lynx to pay off the majority of their operational costs for the year in USL-2 with that one game haha.

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quote:Originally posted by finchster

In the end it would be up to concacaf (and they wouldn#65533;t allow it) but imagine a Toronto-Toronto home game for the Lynx. It wouldn#65533;t be inconceivable for the Lynx to pay off the majority of their operational costs for the year in USL-2 with that one game haha.

Think the rumour has been USL-2 in Hamilton. A Lynx U-20 player posted that on the RPB board pre-credit crunch, anyway. No idea if that's still their plan. Will be interesting to see if they keep the two tiers in USL after the Timbers, Whitecaps and possibly the Impact have left. If they merge USL-1 and USL-2 in the aftermath of that it is far from inconceivable that Victoria and London could have second tier teams in North American pro league terms a few years from now even if the Lynx stay in PDL.

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To get this topic back on track somewhat, here is a Press Release from the Ottawa Fury in regards to their teams' participation in the Super Y Finals this November:

From www.ottawafury.com

Four Fury Teams Stamp Tickets to Finals in Tampa, Florida</u>

After sending a record five youth teams to the Super Y-League North American Finals in Tampa, Florida last season, the Ottawa Fury are on pace do that again in 2009. The Fury's U16 Boys and Girls sides are returning to the SYL Finals again this season after winning their respective divisions. In 2008 this year's U16 Boys (then U15) finished the season perfect going 12-0-0 and after posting a 7-1-1 record this year with one game remaining this year's side looks to get past the round robin and into the knock-out stage. The U16 Girls traveled to the SYL Finals last season (as U15) as a wild card, but have taken matters into their own hands this year with a 9-1-0 record with two games remaining and the New England Division title all locked up. With NCAA scouts aplenty at the SYL Finals looking to fill their rosters the U17 Boys and Girls will look to impress in their culminating season with the Fury. After falling in the semi-finals to the eventual winners in 2008, the U17 Girls (then U16) will look to be the second Fury team in as many years to reach the Championship Finals. Finishing the season with a 10-2-2 record and a goal differential of +42 the U16 Girls have a lot going for them heading to Tampa, including an experienced head coach, Jimmy Zito, who led the U17 Girls of 2008 to the Championship Finals. Despite a 5-3-3 record and a second place finish in their division, the U17 Boys squad will look their elevate their game and make an impression at this year's finals. With four teams guaranteed to travel to Tampa, the U14 Boys, 6-3-2, can make it a second consecutive season of 5 Fury teams traveling to the Finals if they can collect full points in their remaining two games.

The 2008 season marked the Fury's best performance at the Super Y-League Finals that saw their U17 Girls reach the Championship Final (finishing second), their U16 Girls falling in the Semi-Finals to the eventual champions and the five Fury teams combining for an overall record of 10-7-5. Since 2005, the Fury have sent 20 teams to the November Finals and could have that number reach 21 if the U14 Boys win their final two matches. The Finals take place in Tampa, Florida November 19-24 in conjunction with the USL's Annual General Meeting.

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That's great! The more Canadian content down in Florida the better.

Obviously, BC is sending down 16 teams (the only all Canadian division).

4 from Coastal WFC (BU13, GU13, GU14, BU16)

4 from Mountain WFC(BU13, BU15, GU15, BU16)

3 from Coast Capital (GU14, GU15, GU16)

2 from Coquitlam Metro-Ford (GU13, BU14)

1 from Abbotsford Mariners (BU15)

1 from the Interior WFC (BU14)

1 from Surrey WFC (GU16).

Hopefully the Ottawa BU14's make it. That way, my little CMF team can meet them in the finals! All Canadian FINALS from east to west!

I like the sounds of that!!

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I've seen your team a few times (my son got called up to played against you guys in Abby). Very good little team! You guys should do well done there.

Ya that U16 Coastal Team looks really good, especially now they've picked up C. Clarke since coming back from his trial in Italy.

Hopefully we all do well down there. We'll have to check out each others games.

Too bad the Fury BU14's missed out.



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Hey DJ - is your son the little player who was out on the left side? If so....looks like he's been training very hard! Very well done to him. Ya, our lads have done very well. We reached the semi-finals last year, so hopefully we can match that achievement. 1 or 2 of our boys has the potential to go on to much bigger and better things for sure.

And ya, too bad for the Fury....as many Canadian teams down there as possible I say! Though I did miss the Seattle trip this summer!

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