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One Cdn selling Maccabi Tel Aviv to another Cdn


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Alex Shnaider didn't hold on to Maccabi Tel Aviv for too long:


"Russian-born Toronto billionaire Alex Shnaider is selling Maccabi Tel Aviv to Toronto real estate magnate Mitchell Goldhar..."


"Mr. Shnaider purchased his 80% stake in the club about two years ago for a reported $18-million (65 million NIS, the Israeli currency). It was reported the team spent almost $21-million last season to make itself competitive again but to no avail.

In addition to agreeing to buy Mr. Shnaider’s 80% stake, Mr. Goldhar also has an option to buy the remaining 20% of the club from local Israeli businessmen.

It is unclear why Mr. Shnaider is selling the team..."

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^ So it seems, yet Alex Shnaider is a Russian Jew who lived in Israel, and Frank Stronach, well he is Austrian. Most of these millionaires would buy established teams or ones they have an affinity with. That means teams like Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, and Fulham are more attractive to millionaires who like the prestige of owning a football team.

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