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Toronto Futsal League holding Open Tryouts


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Spread the word to anyone you may think would be interested:

official futsal is back in Toronto:

The new Toronto Futsal League (FIFA rules and sanctioned) is hosting open tryouts for the mens 1st division on 3 dates in August.

The league will feature a 1st division with 8 teams that will need to have club owners and another 2nd division (east and west 16 teams total) that is open to anyone who wants to play. There will be promotion and relegation and look for a significant amount of CSL players (at least 30) to be playing in it this year.

Players will be assessed by coaches, including newly appointed OSA Futsal Coaching Instructor and Canadian National Futsal Goalkeeper Roy Blanche. The cost of trying out is a mere $2 per player and includes two hours of specific futsal training and games, pinnies, and water. Only players 16+ are allowed to attend and are requested to bring futsal/indoor soccer shoes, shin guards, socks and photo ID. No spectators will be allowed to watch.

TRYOUT DATES (all run from 7-9pm):

ARCHBISHOP ROMERO SECONDARY SCHOOL (Weston Rd. and Eglinton West area)

Wednesday August 12th

Monday August 17th

Wednesday August 19th

For more Information email: david @ futsalcanada.ca

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