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FINALLY, Grant Wahl Chats The Beckham Experiment


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Grant Wahl’s Extraordinary Telling

The Beckham Experiment has already become a sports writing classic must read for both soccer and sports fans.

In this interview, Kartik Krishnaiyer chit chats with Grant Wahl about the author’s perspective on the events that shaped the book.

quote:Wahl’s soccer writing is deep, and incisive. He takes apart game after game, going into quite satisfying detail as the Galaxy pancake painfully on runway after runway after runway.

In the end, The Beckham Experiment is a useful handbook in how to make lots of money in American soccer – and utterly gut and destroy a cornerstone franchise.

Ben Knight, Onward Soccer

Listen Here



what of conspiracy theories ...

what of the future of AEG (and the Los Angeles Galaxy) after the death of Michael Jackson ...

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