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Montreal @ Austin (R)


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Austin, United States

Mtl 2 Austin 2 Fulltime


22 - Srdjan Djekanovic (G)

23 - Stephen deRoux (D)

13 - Elkana Mayard (D)

5 - Nevio Pizzolitto (D)

30 - Pierre-Rudolph Mayard (M)

7 - David Testo (M)

12 - Eduardo Sebrango (F)

17 - Joey Gjertsen (M)

14 - Tony Donatelli (M) (70')

27 - Ciaran O'Brien (M)

28 - Peter Byers (F) (70')

24 - Simon Gatti (D)

3 - Adam Braz (D) (74')

18 - Leonardo Di Lorenzo (M)

10 - Roberto Brown (F) (79')

18 - Sam Reynolds (G)

12 - Josh Alcala (D)

5 - Kieron Bernard (D)

29 - David Horst (D)

28 - Kevin Sakuda (D)

16 - Michael Callahan (M)

20 - Ryan McMahen (M)

7 - Sullivan Silva (F)

24 - Jeff Harwell (M)

14 - AJ Godbolt (M) (45')

9 - Gifton Noel-Williams (F)

15 - Jarius Holmes (F) (73')

8 - Eddie Johnson (F)

17 - Ryan Caugherty (M) (84')


1 - Matt Jordan (G)

25 - Zanzan (D)

20 - Mauro Biello (M)

31 - Nick Noble (G)

4 - Gareth Evans (D)

6 - David Sias (D)

11 - Kyle Brown (F)


Cleveland 0 @ Rochester 3 (65th)

Puerto Rico @ Vancouver - 10pm


AUS: A. Godbolt (Noel-Williams) 66'

AUS: G. Noel-Williams (Godbolt) 69'

MON: P. Mayard 77'

MON: R. Brown 90'


AUS: R. Caugherty 90'

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Just watched some of the main parts of the game video again partly because I was curious about the offside goals. It actually appears to me that the ref was correct on the calls. Offside goals 1 and 3 were clearly offside, not by much but definitely offside. The only one in doubt was the 2nd one because there is an Austin player away from the play who disappears from the camera view for a few seconds who might have been far enough back to negate the offside but you can't see him to tell. I would lean towards the ref being correct on this one too. While it might seem strange to have 3 goals called back for offside, it is partly because Mayard is continually offside. I remember he was called offside several times against Puerto Rico as well. He really needs to learn to time his runs a lot better. Djekanovic was at fault for the first Austin goal as the corner kick was definitely catchable and never should have reached the Austin player. As we have seen he is very weak on corners and balls in the air. The second goal he had no chance on.

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I verified image by image all the offside goals

First one is offside, but not so clearly (but well offside)

Second one, as you say, is impossible to check because of the player off camera near to the corner of the field

Third one is onside. It's very very close but at the moment of the pass, Mayard is onside and 0,04 seconds later he's clearly offside (but the pass is already done)

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