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Player On LOAN Good, Bad or simply Ugly


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I got the "idea" from my friend when we got into a discussion on whenever a player is going on "loan" to another club. Is it Good, Bad or simply Ugly. I read an article a couple of days ago about:

Kenny Stamatopoulos(3rd LOAN from Tromso --> TorontoFC --> Lyn and now) moving to Norwegian 3rd round contender for the European League Fredrikstad FK. Is it a good move for him? I mean he is going to be competeing with 2 other goalies that are currently 21yrs old (Lassa Staw i Erik Brathen). One of the coaches Fredrikstad Joacim Jonsson said "We need a good goalie because we were losing to many goals lately. His experience(routine) will help our young goalies.


So in the 3rd round they will play against Lech Poznan from the polish league. Lech Poznan will be in the top 3contenders for the Extraklasa title this year.

So my question is who gains the most on a LOAN? The player or the club? I mean if your are sitting on your butt better get some playing time. But at what price in an inferior league(or club)? What if you simply can't get thru in your current squad, better move on somewhere else. While some loans are for good players to other clubs. The player is on loan with "priority buyout" by the club. So what do you think about our latest LOANS for all of our guys Abroad? Are they better off? Or being on "loan" just shows that you aren't good enough?

Do you recall any LOANS for Canadian players that went wrong where they sat on their butts at their new clubs? What about Kenny how come he is on loan again. Is he too expensive for his current club? Or not good enough?

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I remember Jim Brennan was on loan from Nottingham Forest to Huddersfield, or something like that, and he played only once and got a red card or someting. Pesch also had a few useless loan stints near the end of his career I think.

After losing his starting spot at Ipswich though Craig Forrest sure had a good loan spell at Chelsea before he moved to West Ham.

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Sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it defines a player.

Take Terry Dunfield. High potential, he was in the Manchester City system

and even played off the bench against Chelsea in an EPL match in 2001.

Then he got loaned to Bury, got bought by them and played for about 3 years

before being released. Then he played at Worchester City for a couple of years,

before landing at Macclesfield Town to become player of the year. Now he's at

Shewsbury Town (League 2).

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Begovic had a decent loan spell at Yeovil town. Oddly enough competing for the number one spot with Waagner.

I believe the benefits of being loaned out to a club for first team football are only maximized when the player is young. If an older player with a few years left on his contract is loaned out to a lower league club, what's the point? If they want first team football and aren't getting it, it's probably time to move on.

Speaking of loans and goalkeepers I'd like to see Street go on loan next season (2010), he's got stiff competition at west ham (even for the reserves) but I think he's got loads of potential. Assuming he has a late birthday (July is it, 91) he's still eligible for their U18 squad for the upcoming season.

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