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A dry TFC game!!


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quote:Originally posted by Juby

that's just kinda mean cause central to all this is...I'm broke, not as much lately but generally and that's kinda teasing me for it.

I am not teasing you at all just making an observation that based on what you post it doesn't surprise me you haven't travelled. However, as to your claims to being broke apparently you have enough money to attend TFC games and buy beer there. You also apparently have enough money to buy the pot that you often smoke when posting here (I personally don't have any problem with that but pot is not cheap). People who haven't travelled often have a very distorted idea of what being broke is. People who haven't travelled also miss out on a lot of maturity and knowledge that one gets when one travels things which are pretty apparent in your posts. There are people here with whose posts and logic I disagree with but yours I find mostly incoherent and confused.

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the odd Canada games, unfortunately not TFC games, and pots not to expensive but I spend too much on it, but an obvious indicator that I'm not completely broke (but not always true) is when I have the internet, then I have pot, it's not exactly a travelling budget.

Also, I'm not gonna argue for me personally at all, I know my maturity better then you'd think, surprisingly high sometimes, surprising low sometimes, but I gotta big heart so people don't mind me, but travel experience does not ensure maturity, I know some twats who have seen the world, I'm just not the prime canidate for mature never travelled.

As for the incoherency, I don't think it's as bad as your saying, and it's probably only half the pot but sometimes here I write like I'm thinking and skip thoughts I'm talking as a given, hence why I annoyingly edit so much. sorry bout that but I'm not exactly some loudmouth who is incapable of making good points or sense

edit: the funny thing that for all the argueing and BS, I'd bet the one thing I can say is that you know I know soccer when I see it as much as anybody, and you could disagree with me but I seem to get a little more room on my on topic opinions at the tender age of 24 then anything else (and I'm not talking about my flashy videos, I know exactly what I'm skipping it just wouldn't work in the medium)

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quote:Originally posted by Free kick

LCBO is not what I would recommend for Beer when in Ontario. LCBO does sell beer but beer is primarily sold in Brewers reatilers ( otherwise known as "The Beer Store"). There are far far more 50 choices.

To give you an idea, the lables of the beers along with prices are are up on wall inside a beer store. the wntire wall is covered.

Here is a list from their website: You will never find something like this anywhere in quebec


Strongly disagree about LCBO vs. The Beer Store.

The Beer Store is fine if you want to stock up on two two-fours of Blue or some other Mol-Batt's swill, but the LCBO (at least in Toronto) is a much better place to go for quality beers if you're into that sort of thing. Maybe you need to find a different LCBO outlet to see what I mean. The Summerhill and Queen's Quay stores, and the Stockyards location I go to all have very good beer selections.

The other thing I appreciate at the LCBO is being able to pick up a bottle and read the label to decide whether to buy it or not. And I've had enough of the hosers who work at The Beer Store rolling their eyes when you ask for something as "out there" as Mill St. The "What are ya, some kind of pansy?" attitude at The Beer Store is one I can do without.

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I sat in section 227 last night and had the pleasure of sitting in front of two guys that thought they were in a supporters section. They came to the game wasted and proceeded to get served by the kid selling beer in our section. Security had to come around and ask them to set down and stop swearing. Poor family from Winnipeg with young kids had to sit and listen to the swearing all game. I had some beer spilled on me but did not want to make a scene as again young kids were around. I said to myself after seeing the two gentlemen continue to be served I now see how BMO lost its license for a game.

Some fans new to soccer see the TFC supporters on television and think the can behave like that anywhere in the stadium. It is great the support the team is getting from the city but really the security staff and stadium officials have to do a better job of handling situations where people are not following the rules. From what I saw last night it could havce easily escalated as people behind the two drunk fans were not happy with them standing all game.

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ok I haven't read the whole tread but maybe 50%...why is it that like for example at a game in Poland Legia Warszawa there are "special" lineups CASH & BEER only. the mechanism is quite simple 2things happen:

1.... show ID & say a number 2-3-4 whatever...ID is for cashier & the number of beer give her cash ONLY. No freeking plastics while she yells 3(beers) and a guys hands it over to you lasts about 15seconds and believe me you MOVE Your Ass over or the guys behind you will ram you into the wall.

Only 1size & type of beer being served CASH & ID READY Simple

have 10cashiers, 10passers & 5guys pouring it will work like magic.

I have seen an instance where 1guy hesitated and wanted something else(tourist?[B)]). Well not even 5seconds he was out of the lineup SIMPLE

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quote:Originally posted by Juby

*eyes rolling (not at you rudi, just the situation)* I just don't get it, I'm making a decent (albeit petty) point and I'm getting called all sorts of political affiliations and their all so way off base, everyone knows I'm left wing but really, what the hell have I said that makes me look like an anarchist? anarchists would probably get pissed off at my opinions being labeled that way, and really, a fascist?

It is pathetic as a constitutional challenge but it's still basically right and you can't derive any political affiliation from it, really, you can try and make mundane connections that would exist in everything but for all you know based on these posts I could be a conservative, a liberal, a socialist, a small c conservative etc., the idea that people will toss around loaded words like tic tacs is pretty offensive.

edit: and by right, I mean if you are a citizen, you shouldn't have to pay money for any of your rights, no matter how little, the whole agreement when thinking of our responsibilities agrees with me because I don't have to earn or have money to keep my citizenship, if I didn't want to work, theirs nothing you can do to make me and I am still fully entitled to vote and access the government and if I wanted to be an idiot and waste any money I found on booze, as long as I'm of age I'm allowed to do it. sure that person would annoy you but their fully allowed to do it, if they couldn't then we might actually start to look like fascism, could you imagine enforced labour in the constitution(that's the only way to ensure we all have the money)? minimum amounts of money to vote(no matter how petty)? the government judging whether your life was acceptable or not (it's wrong to be a drunk but the government has no business judging you if your within the bloody law)?

sorry, I'm just gonna try and shut up now

sigh, final edit: I figured out the best way to word it, I have to pay the government to acknowledge my age, I'm 24, my lack of ID doesn't change that and I shouldn't be limited to the rights of a 17 year old if I don't have the money to payoff the government to (once again) acknowledge my age. If their are age requirments to society fine, but don't call monetary requirements age requirements, it's just a bad precedent really.

It is definitely incorrect to call you a fascist, since you're clearly an anarchist. You have chosen to separate yourself from the rest of society.

We have to pay for ID because if we didn't, the government would have to raise taxes to cover the costs. I agree with you that citizenship should be free, but the only way to change the way things are is by voting in a government which will implement those changes. Unfortunately, you have waived your right to vote by not having ID. Not only is voting a privilege, but also a duty. In Australia, voting is compulsory.

Once again, I don't disagree with you, I just disagree with the way you're going about it.

(discover the two other spellings of "their")

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quote:Originally posted by Tintin

In Australia, voting is compulsory.

That's a bad thing. Being forced to pick between corporate liar #1 and corporate liar #2 is just another loss of freedom. It's a way of forcing compliance, at least superficially .. later, people will be voting for people they hate and not think twice.

ID cards. You can't get something you want unless you get what you don't want ... it's called 'creeping compulsion' and it works!

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Woaaa... I just can't imagine what would be the reaction in Montreal if that kind of stuff ever happens, whether it happens at Bell, Percival Molson or Saputo (& Olympic). There would be riots that's for sure ! [:o)]

BTW, what was exactly the infractions ?

All in all, that's almost beyond reason... :D

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quote:Originally posted by Ed

I knew a guy who would hork up something godawful and spit it into his drink for the same reason. Taste wasn't a concern obviously. Applies to 'cinquant' consumers.

Why do neither of these quotes surprise me?

Hey, where's the love for Lab 50? Used to be a decent beer until Labatt's started blending everything. Never know what you'll get anymore.

I mean all brewers blend but something happened in the mid '80s in the industry and I don't think we've got it right since. (Exclude Sleeman's and some of the regional brewers like Half Pints here in Winnipeg)

Of course this is a nation of Budweiser & MGD drinkers so...

Disclaimer; All opinions may be somewhat warped as they were formed during the early years of consuming Club. The Lost Years I call them.

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