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Winnipeg Gold Cup - Saturday July 18th


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Hi everyone,

I just had it confirmed that we will have our Gold Cup

gathering to watch CANADA- Honduras at:

Dylan's on Pembina</u>

1875 Pembina Hwy, between A&W and Office Depot,

north of Bishop Grandin


The match is at 4 PM and everyone is welcome.

Normally the pub opens at 7 pm on Saturday, but management has

bent over backwards to accommodate us, the Voyageurs.

Large selection of beers and pub food (it's an Irish pub)

and the match will be shown on SEVERAL projection screens.

The US-Panama match may also be shown after.

It'll be a great match.

And it's Canada's PAYBACK TOURNAMENT : beat Honduras and then

avenge last year's CONCACAF controversial match against the US.

Let us know if you can make it !

And Toronto MB : Your drinks are on us!

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I enjoyed meeting up with some of you guys last year at Players and have been trying to make it out this year to watch a game with everyone, but my schedule is not co-operating.

If Canada keeps on winning though, hopefully I'll be able to join everyone for the semi's and/or finals!

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Lord Bob informed me of the viewing, and it's close to home, so I'll stop my lurking and head on over. Thanks for organizing it, and I'm looking forward to meeting you guys... maybe I'll be able to drag a few people out as well and get them into (finally) supporting the national side...

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