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July 12/09 Toronto Lady Lynx vs Ottawa Fury

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Result of the Sunday July 12, 2009 W-League game between Toronto Lady Lynx and Ottawa Fury played at The Hershey Centre in Mississauga at 1:00pm.

49 min…Lady Lynx Giselle Mangal GOAL…LL Erica Henderson cornerkick from right has LL Stefania Morra take 8 yard shot and Fury goalie Jasmine Phillips block sprawling on left side. Mangal kicks 5 yard rebound into left side of net.

57 min…Lady Lynx Erica Henderson GOAL…LL Clare Rustad 25 yard freekick from left side has Henderson leap and head 3 yarder into short right side of net.

Final Score:…Toronto Lady Lynx……2…..Ottawa Fury………0………..

Attendance was about 100 on this warm and sunny day with a wind from the west. Today’s theme was Mascot Day but only the Lynxster was there.

Today the Lady Lynx played the best game of the year to climb back to a 4-4-4 match for the season against the perennial division winners Ottawa Fury. The Lady Lynx had never beaten the Fury at home (once last year on the road) since they came into the league in 2005. I was thinking back to the days of the Toronto Inferno but goalkeeping coach Joe Nucifora who held the same position for that team remembers the Inferno beat Ottawa when the Fury first got their franchise. Yes! My web page does list a home win in 2001 and two home wins against them in 2002.

Justine Bernier earned the shutout for the Lady Lynx. She had a crucial save between the two Lady Lynx goals when at 53 minutes when ten-goal scorer Amber Hearn charged on left and her 18 yard shot is saved by Bernier’s sliding save at 8 yards with a defender clearing rebound. She had to make other saves as well but the Fury were threatened by the tough defence and rushed shots and had their timing put off. Clare Rustad was the best Lady Lynx defender. Fury outshot the hometown team 14 to 5.

Michael Izzo was the referee in today’s game and only gave out one card for a hard played but fair game.

The Fury has a logo for The Ottawa Citizen on their uniforms. In past years the rival paper The Ottawa Sun was the sponsor. This was the first year that the Fury have had names for the players on their backs which is not a common practice in the W-League.

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