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....MEX plays Guadeloupe(r)


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quote:Originally posted by orletafc

Hey can't recall but someone told me that Guadeloupe are NOT a FIFA member is that correct? Yet they are part of CONCACAF?

That's right, they are not a member of FIFA... because they are part of France (french citizens--so they play for France in WC, etc).

Member of CONCACAF and CFU.

CFU for example has both FIFA members and territories.

They do still have an ELO ranking.

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There's a Gold Cup rule players can't have played for France in last 5 yrs.. this applies also to Martinique and French Guiana (says Wiki).

I remember last Gold Cup they had a French Nat veteran Jocelyn Angloma, but he hadn't played for France since 1996. In fact, he'd come out of retirement.

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Orletafc buddy ...

<MOD ALERT> Please do not put the score on the headline.

Make it a generic title with ®, for results.

Just common soccer netiquette. Thanks.

You may also use the thread on Gold Cup Results to add these


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