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July 11/09 PDL Toronto Lynx vs Fort Wayne Fever

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Result of the Saturday July 11, 2009 PDL game between Toronto Lynx and Fort Wayne Fever played at Edelweiss Park in Bolton at 4:00pm.

24 min…Lynx Michael Luk GOAL…FWF defender clears ball from 12 yards but deflects off teammate at 20 yards and drops back into box. Luk blasts 12 yarder from right into left side of net with goalie Phil Boerger frozen in center of net.

48 min…Fever Justin Bigilow GOAL…Bigilow gets pushed up ball when Lynx Michael Luk loses possession and Bigilow takes 12 yard shot low from left into right side of net beyond sprawling goalie Brandon Heembrock.

63 min…Fever Nick Wilson GOAL…Wilson cornerkick from right has ball deflect off shoulder of defender in crowd of players in box and pops into right corner of net at 3 yards.

Final Score:…………Toronto Lynx……….1…………Fort Wayne Fever…………2…………

Attendance was about 200 people on this hot afternoon with a bright sun in the west. The grass was long and was wet after a morning rain.

Both teams listed four subs but I only saw three Fever players and one for the Lynx. For a home game? Before the game I noticed Danny Stewart giving the pep talk. He is actually the coach of the Lady Lynx but said to me he was coaching today because Lynx head coach Duncan Wilde had taken the academy players to a tournament in Chicago.

The Lynx had few chances for any good shots on net as the Fever defense kept control at the back and were not afraid to head the ball back to their goaltender who came out to clear some through balls as well.

Referee Justin Tasev gave out few cards as the game never got out of hand. One of those was for the Fever goalie who slid out to grab a through ball and found himself sitting outside the box on his forward momentum after a long slide. Lynx couldn’t capitalize on the freekick given.

The PDL Lynx are really just finishing out their schedule as they are last of the nine teams in their division with 2 wins, 11 losses, and 1 tie so far this season with two games to go. The Fever now are 5 wins, 7 losses, and 1 tie and play Forest City London on their way home to Indiana.

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