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GC - July 18th - Canada vs. Honduras

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quote:Originally posted by footballfreak

Somewhat unrelated, but guess who just got appointed to ref the Mexico-USA game next month? That's right, it's Mr. Joel Aguilar.

I think I just regained my interest in watching World Cup qualifying, if only for the inevitable carnage.

In Mexico City? I don't know how that guy is still working, let alone reffing the most important home game Mexico has had in years. I'm going to watch this game, but if he gives up a penalty to the USA, look out. The Azteca will be a disaster zone.

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quote:Originally posted by Califax

For any Vee's in Halifax and out and about, I'll be at Bubba Ray's on Spring Garden for the game.

Allez les Rouges

Hey Califax, I'm recovering from Strep Throat, otherwise I'd join you. [B)] Maybe next time. Look out for the KISS army!

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Knock 'em dead boys. I just put another bunch of pesos down on this game, on top of what I have riding on Canada to win overall. Currently Honduras is listed as a very slight favorite, but I don't think they have a chance against this starting 11.

And come on Sutts, remember you're playing for a job. Any job. There's only one Greg Sutton!

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