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Mexico 1 - 1 Panama


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quote:Originally posted by amacpher

Of course the fact that he went onto the filed of play to kick a player in the balls is beyond incredible. It's Mexican!

that's mean, I'm sure theres a few canadians and americans that dumb, just for the love of god keep them away from the pitch :D

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Sounds like we can expect a ruling on Saturday(July 11).



Mexico awaits disciplinary committee's review

By Ivan Orozco

GLENDALE, Arizona - The aftermath could be worse than the initial problem.

The CONCACAF disciplinary committee is reviewing Thursday night's Mexico-Panama Gold Cup match and the fracas that erupted in the 80th minute, which involved pushing and shoving among players and coaches, and shower of debris from the stands.

The disciplinary panel will examine video of the incident as well the referee's and match commissioner's reports before it makes any decisions, probably Saturday, CONCACAF spokesman Ben Spencer said, with Mexico is facing the suspension of coach Javier Aguirre.

Speculation is rampant how long or the amount Aguirre will be fined if suspended. Mexico fans only hope that if there is a suspension it doesn't carry over to the World Cup qualifier against the United States August 12 in Mexico City.

Mexican federation president Justino Compean told a Mexican newspaper he expects Aguirre to receive a suspension of at least two games. He said he's yet to speak with the director of national teams, Nestor De La Torre, about the situation.

"We're going to wait," Compean said. "Right now is not the right moment to make a personal decision. Nestor spoke with (Aguirre) about yesterday. I am going to speak with Nestor (Friday) and see what the story is. We'll await CONCACAF's sanction. It's embarrassing despite the apologies."

Aguirre apologized extensively for losing control and his ejection from the 1-1 draw.

Aguirre was shown a red card after he kicked Panama's Ricardo Phillips as the player dribbled a ball out-of-bounds near the Mexican bench.

Phillips pushed Aguirre in retaliation, sparking a scuffle between teams and Aguirre's ejection while sending the crowd into frenzy.

Soon cups and other debris went flying onto the field, directed at Panama players. Some were showered with liquids and hit with projectiles

"My conduct was not justifiable," Aguirre said during the post-game news conference. "I tried to stop the ball after the ref signaled a throw in and when the Panamanian player continued to play the ball, I tried to stop it and I made inevitable contact with the player because of the inertia he had. I lifted my foot more than I should have. I am completely regretful for doing so. I shouldn't come out of my area."

Panama coach Gary Stempel wasn't buying Aguirre's explanation.

"He tried to hit my player," Stempel said. "It was shameful."

Stempel said he didn't plan on filing a complaint because it is not within his duty.

"You'll have to ask my president," Stempel said.

His president would be Ariel Alvarado.

Alvarado told reporters after the match that he wasn't responsible for filing an official complain.

He said he'll make sure "he manifests his inconformity about Aguirre's actions to the proper authorities."

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quote:Originally posted by Gian-Luca

I don't know, check out the screen shot in this thread on bigsoccer.com


which strongly suggests it was that high.

EDIT - Beaten to it by jpg75. To get the full effect, hit pause at the 4:38 mark of this video to see how far away the coaches foot was to the ball.


Yup. I stand corrected. The foot was there. I still don't believe that he wsa trying to square him up though. Silliness, wrecklessness, stupidity, whatever you want to call it, I just don't think it was a deliberate intent to injure the guy.

Either way though, he has to be suspended.


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Mexico's Aguirre handed three-match suspension


Mexico manager Javier "El Vasco" Aguirre

Photo by Mexsport

7/11/2009 - NEW YORK - Mexico manager Javier Aguirre will be suspended three matches for his actions during Thursday night's Gold Cup Group C match against Panama, the CONCACAF Disciplinary Committee ruled Saturday.

In addition, the Mexican Football Federation will be fined $25,000 for the conduct of its bench personnel, who engaged in "serious irresponsible behavior" against Panamanian midfielder Ricardo Phillips and others that precipitated an unruly reaction from the partisan crowd at Houston's Reliant Stadium.

Aguirre's suspension will commence with Mexico's final group game Sunday against Guadeloupe and make him eligible to return for the final July 26 at Giants Stadium in suburban New York. If eliminated before the semifinals, any remaining games would be served in World Cup qualifying.

Aguirre initiated a fracas at midfield of the 1-1 draw in the 80th minute when he left the technical area surrounding the Mexican bench to stop a loose ball that Phillips had been dribbling. Referee Joel Aguilar whistled the play dead when Phillips had let the ball exit the field of play but continued to play the ball as if it were live.

The Mexican coach extended his leg to block the ball, but instead made contact with Phillips, who fell, regained his feet and shoved Aguirre. That prompted Mexican bench personnel to respond by pushing Phillips and a fracas ensued, with debris showering the field from the crowd. The match was interrupted for approximately 12 minutes until order could be restored.

After reviewing video and several reports from numerous officials on site, including the match commissioner, referee, assistant referees and others, the disciplinary committee determined that while Aguirre was not attempting to injure Phillips, he did leave his designated area to engage in activities that resulted in contact and instigated the incident.

"The committee acknowledged that Mr. Aguirre is well known to them as a responsible person and it was their belief that this was an aberration rather than any aspect of his normal behavior," CONCACAF General Secretary Chuck Blazer wrote in his letter to Mexican Football Federation General Secretary Decio de Maria informing him of the decision.

The disciplinary committee chaired by David Sabir, the general secretary of the Bermuda Football Association, also included Central American Football Union (UNCAF) President Rafael Tinoco of Guatemala and Tony James of Jamaica, the immediate past chairman of the panel.

Tinoco and James were called by Blazer to replace standing members Hector Gonzales of Mexico and Mike Edwards of the United States, who were excluded to remove any appearance of a conflict of interest.

The committee took special note of the "exemplary behavior of Mexican goalkeeper Memo Ochoa in attempting to get the spectators to allow the game to restart and in helping lead Ricardo Phillips…to a safe exit from the playing field."

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if you really want to know a referees opinion you will have to wait for the tournament to be over...I'll ask hector, he was an AR on this game....involved in the match...you can see him running into the tunnel with the referee at the end of the match

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