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Toronto Croatia have opted to partnership

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It’s clubs like Clarkson Sheridan that have made Peel-Halton one of the finest soccer regions in Canada. And that's why the CSL's Toronto Croatia have opted to partner with the Mississauga youth soccer organization, all of which was announced at a press conference on Tuesday.

Formed in 1971, the Clarkson Sheridan Soccer Club is situated in southwestern Mississauga and that’s not far from picturesque Streetsville and the headquarters of Toronto Croatia which, for more than 50 years has symbolized a strong, mature second level Canadian professional soccer that has represented its country of origin and its community over those many years.

The team won the North American championship as Metros Croatia in 1976 after attracting Portuguese superstar Eusebio and just three years ago, Toronto Croatia traveled to Europe to win an inaugural tournament for Croatian teams from Austria, Germany, Australia, the U.S. and France.

Clarkson Sheridan and Toronto Croatia have struck a partnership that will bring together the largely developmental Clarkson Sheridan with 20 competitive teams and 2300 youth players from ages 4 to 14 and the seasoned professionals that can teach that little bit extra to those players showing promise and who aspire to be pros or play for Canada some day.

Clarkson Sheridan has, in recent times, expanded its basic coaching to include fitness training and synchronized training plans. The club is looking to overseas visits to provide experience and late last year sent its OYSL boys team to South America and the local coaches noted six players for future consideration.

Toronto Croatia won the CSL Championship in 2007 and are unbeaten so far this season to lead the International Division.

While the partnership between Clarkson Sheridan and Toronto Croatia will benefit both clubs, Canadian soccer is bound to be the ultimate beneficiary.

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I have a feeling you will see virtually every team in CSL doing some sort of affiliation before the end of the year. The league wants to strengthen its reserve division rather than have its teams rely on affiliations with amateur teams. The best way to do that is follow the Brampton-Dixie model, which is working quite well.

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