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I didn't know how to search this, and quite honestly don't care to pour through the back pages to see if this has been hypothesized before or not.

We complain we lose players to other nations, yet often the players have left at an early age to train elsewhere (not that that should be an excuse)

Look at two guys from Calgary. Owen Hargreaves and Ethan Gage.

Not many people can say definitively one way or the other who was a better footballer at 14, 15, 16 years of age. What we do know is that Hargreaves left for Germany during those years of age and Gage came to Vancouver. Hargreaves was cut by the U-17 team, which Gage played on... That is where I'm saying they are probably similar not only in position, but skill level at that age. Both play football under good coaching every day. One in Germany at a huge club, one in Vancouver in this country's biggest club. Now Gage is still very young, and his development remains to be play out to it's fullest extent... But I wonder. What if Gage had someone vouch for him to join Bayern. Would he have improved at a greater rate than he has so far? One could think yes.

Therefore I feel like this is a damned if you do-damned if you don't thing. The guys we whinge about leaving have developed elsewhere.

DeGuzman in Holland

Fernandes abroad at various places

Hargreaves in Germany...

Should we continue to ship these guys off in hopes they will come home? Should we ship more off? or should we be focussing on trying, as best we can to replicate what they already do? But then if you do that, you aren't going to have a field full of starlets the likes of FC Bayern attracts, just one or two playing with men that are not more skilled than them, just faster and stronger based on their birthdate.


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