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June 20/09 PDL Toronto Lynx vs Indiana Invaders

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Result of the Saturday June 20th, 2009 PDL game between Toronto Lynx and Indiana Invaders played at Edelweiss Park in Bolton at 4:00PM.

3 min…Ind Mamba Chisoni rush on right dekes two guys and sliding goalie trips him up at 5 yards on right end line. Referee Michael Izzo calls for a Penalty kick.

4 min…Ind Sam Fairhurst penalty kick chipped under bar but kick is ordered retaken for encroachment in the box.

4 min…Ind Sam Fairhurst GOAL…Fairhurst blasts penalty kick to right side of net with goalie Brandon Heembrock sliding left.

32 min…Ind Mamba Chisoni GOAL…A Lynx defender gives ball away at 18 yards with goalie on right side of box and Chisoni shoots 15 yarder into empty net.

37 min…Ind RED card…Sam Fairhurst earns his second Yellow card in 12 minutes for a sliding tackle in the center circle. He had earned his first at 25 minutes with a tackle in the center circle which injured Lynx defender Adrian Butters.

47 min…Lynx Jean Tshimpaka GOAL…Lynx Mikall McNamara cornerkick from left has charging Tshimpaka head 7 yarder from left into short left side of net.

48 min…Lynx Dane Roberts is cut down on through ball into box and referee awards a penalty kick.

49 min…Lynx Mikall McNamara GOAL…McNamara rolls Penalty kick to right corner of net as goalie Mads Aastrup dives left.

54 min…Lynx Konner McNamara GOAL…McNamara blast from left is through a crowd of players and Ind Brent Brockman tries to clear with sliding kick but he spins ball back into own net from 15 yards over diving goalie.

61 min…Lynx Mohammad Aborig rushing into box is tripped by Ind Terry Andrew. Referee signals for a penalty kick.

62 min…Lynx Dane Roberts rolls Penalty kick that diving goalie saves by diving to left.

65 min…Ind Brent Brockman’s 70 yard freekick has goalie catch but fumble wet ball then draw a Yellow card and a Penalty kick call when he pulls down Mamba Chisoni from 5 yards along right end line.

66 min…Ind Mamba Chisoni Penalty kick blast has goalie fly over to push ball wide left for cornerkick.

93 min…Lynx Michael Luk GOAL…Lynx Dane Roberts cross from right 15 yards has ball land for Luk to shoot 8 yarder from left into right side of net.

Final Score:…………Toronto Lynx…….4……….Indiana Invaders………2………

Attendance started off at maybe 20 but increased to about 100 as people drifted over after their kids games ended in the adjacent fields nearby. The day had rain for hours before the game and hours after the game but while the game was on there was nary a drop. The park has natural grass on all their fields and it got quite muddy in the boxes as the game wore on. There is a swamp and forest around three sides of the field and at least one ball was lost during the first half.

The Lynx doubled their goal production of the whole season in today’s game. They had only scored four goals in their seven games up until today. Skeptics would say they only started to score once they were given a man advantage and the Invaders had also won only one game this season (now 1 win, 5 losses, 1 tie) and the Lynx record now improves to only 2 wins, 5 losses, and 1 tie. The Invaders had also only brought a three man bench for subs.

The Invaders had a very intense ‘English’ sound between the players. I asked ejected player Sam Fairhurst who watched the second half from a table just outside the gate where the team was from. He named a few guys from northern England but also from Zimbabwe and Antigua. They’re also all not attending Indiana University but various places.

The next Lynx home game is Saturday July 11th against Fort Wayne Fever which is also to be played here in Bolton at 4:00pm as part of a soccer fest so hopefully there will a bigger crowd.

Rocket Robin


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