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June 17/09 PDL Toronto Lynx vs Kalamazoo Outrage

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Result of the Wednesday June 17, 2009 PDL game between Toronto Lynx and Kalamazoo Outrage played at The Hershey Centre in Mississauga at 7:00pm.

47 min (1st Half)…Lynx Daniel Revivo GOAL…Lynx Jean Tshimpaka has long dribbling run up left wing and takes sliding cross as he slips on the turf at 20 yards. Revivo blasts 15 yard shot up middle just under bar over the hands of goalie Jeremy Clark.

49 min (2nd Half)…Outrage Eric Brodeuhrer is victim of a sliding tackle while in Lynx box as with his back turned away from the goal he taps ball back to player outside of box who was facing goal. Referee David Barrie immediately signaled for a penalty kick.

50 min…Outrage Steve Kauble GOAL…Kauble blasts Penalty kick off the inside of the right goalpost just under the bar as goalie Nils Binstock crumples to the middle of the net.

83 min…Outrage Tom Oatley GOAL…An Outrage player takes a long 55 yard cross from the right and Lynx defender at 25 yards on left heads ball down but Oatley steals the ball and takes an 18 yard blast low to right corner of net.

88 min…Outrage Tom Oatley GOAL…Outrage Luke Norman on 2 on 1 rush from 35 yards passes to Oatley for 15 yard shot low into right corner of net.

92 min…game ends.

Final Score:…….Toronto Lynx……..1………….Kalamazoo Outrage………3………..

Attendance was about 80 on this mild overcast evening with a constant light rain falling throughout the entire game. (There were only about 50 on Sunday evening on a much better night weather wise). Lynx look like they are continuing to cut expenses. No ticket takers, no programs, and what I thought was something that was against USL rules—no scoreboard—when the Lynx played in USL-1 they had to supply at least a table-top scoreboard.

The Outrage extend their lead in the Great Lakes Division with tonight’s win. The Lynx are in last place but the difference in the quality of the two teams wasn’t any different. Maybe the wet field turf and the constant rain was the great equalizer. The Lynx just couldn’t put away their chances. The Lynx scored only their fourth goal in seven games this season. Daniel Revivo scored his first goal of the year. He had other chances like at 47 minutes (of the second half) when he had a 15 yard blast from the right that hit the outside right of the goalpost and at 63 minutes when Mikail McNamara rolled a cross from the right and Revivo blasted a shot up the middle and just over the bar from 12 yards.

Outrage almost took the lead at 31 minutes when Eric Brodeuhrer tipped a header to a charging Tom Oatley who runs diagonally from the right side and cuts 20 yard shot that hits the outside of the left goalpost.

Head coaches Duncan Wilde of the Lynx and Mark Spooner of the Outrage said hello before the game. Wilde looked over and said “…Just like back ‘ome…” as the rain continued to fall. Referee Dave Barrie and his English accent probably grew up in similar rainy days.

Rocket Robin


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