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Gold Cup 2009 Media Coverage (POST COSTA RICA)

Toronto MB

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All information is also posted to www.canadian-soccer.com

Our coverage of the tournament is now finished. Thanks to everybody for your support and assistance with this project. It has been a pleasure producting the content for the Voyageurs.



- Pre-game report. Will detail possible line-up changes as well as some of the scenes in Houston last night. (Uploaded)

- Post-match press conferences and player interviews. (Uploaded - press conference footage on its way)

- Post-match report with Laurence and I. Live from FIU Stadium, (Uploaded)

- Project Re-Cap. Live from FIU Stadium. Laurence and I will be reflecting on this initial attempt at live web-video coverage for the Voyageurs. We will be sharing some inside info on the experience, as well as detailing what is needed to make this kind of project viable in the future. (On its way)

All videos available at:



- Pre-game blog. Starting line-ups included.

Posted at:



- Post-match report. (Uploaded)

Posted at:




- Stephen Hart takes questions from the press pitch-side at FIU Stadium.

- Will Johnson takes questions from the press pitch-side at FIU Stadium.

- Laurence and I assess what Canada needs to do to qualify, the artificial surface in Miami and how Canada may approach the game.

All videos posted at:




- Player interviews with Julian de Guzman (a must-watch, all types of antics going on during this one), Mike Kulowski and Ali Gerba

- Press conference footage of Atiba Hutchinson and Stephen Hart

- Post-match report with Laurence McKenna and myself. From outside Crew Stadium.

Video(s) available at:



- Player interviews with Kevin McKenna and Atiba Hutchinson

Kevin McKenna:


Atiba Hutchinson:



- Match report. http://www.canadian-soccer.com


- 6PM (Eastern) Pre-Match blog. http://www.canadian-soccer.com



- Post match interviews with Julian de Guzman, Simeon Jackson, Paul Stalteri, Will Johnson, Dejan Jakovic and Greg Sutton are currently being uploaded - check back frequently

- Press conference footage with Ali Gerba and Stephen Hart to follow

- Video(s) link: http://www.youtube.com/thevoyageurs


- Canada/Jamaica match summary



Laurence McKenna and I preview the tournament and discuss some key figures on the Canadian team. Filmed from our starting point for the journey in Winnipeg, MB.



- Interview with Simeon Jackson

- Interview with Stephen Hart

- Interview with Julian de Guzman

- Interview with Greg Sutton (to be posted soon)



- 'Quiet confidence in Canadian camp' is posted to www.canadian-soccer.com

It is hoped that this project will mark the beginning of a new news-era for Canadian-Soccer.com. I have spoken to some of the Vee's tribal council about helping to develop our presence as a relevant source for news on Canadian soccer and I am looking forward to getting many of our great writers and insiders involved over the next year.

Please contact me at: max.bell@ymail.com if you think you can be of assistance in any way, or want to get involved in the coverage of the tournament! Many thanks from Laurence and I.

- MB

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Great to see you step TorontoMB!! If I can help you with any written content (e.g., profiles of pro players based in Germany) please feel free to ask.

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Ah yes, Montreal and the Honduran incident...sorry to sound like a bit of a yob, but Top Man, MB. Unfortunately, I can't make it to any of the games in person and I don't have the skills you're looking for but if you ever need a numbers guy (accountant), let me know.

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"Myself, and a colleague from the UK with professional radio experience, Laurence McKenna, are going to be travelling to all 3 of Canada's group-round games at the Gold Cup."

Oh, very nice. Guess you won't be polishing the bar with your sleeve along with the other Winnipeg Vs during the Gold Cup then? Ah, well. Such is the price to pay...

Looking forward to the reports. And quite right, hopefully an evolution with the website.

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Thanks for the all the support and the e-mails, I have been doing my best to get back to them quickly.

FYI - Laurence and I received official confirmation for our press credentials today, so we will be getting Canadian-Soccer.com access to the following:

Non-game days: Will have access to the team(s) open training sessions ground or at the official stadium. If the team (s) training session is closed, the first 15 minutes will be open to the media for coach/player(s) availability given by the delegation’s respective press officer or coordinator per CONCACAF regulations.

During all training sessions – whether at a training ground or at the official stadium – the media will not be permitted to enter the field of play before, during or after the session. Media representatives are only authorized to observe the sessions from their usual places of work (alongside the pitch or in the stands). Interviews will take place off the field grounds towards the side once the training session concludes.

All other interview arrangements between participants and the media are permitted, provided that such arrangements do not interfere with the participants’ obligations towards the media.

Game days: Will have access to stadium's press box, post-match conference and mixed zone area for additional interviews. NO REPORTERS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE FIELD OF PLAY AT ANYTIME. LOCKER ROOMS ARE ALSO CLOSED TO ALL MEDIA.

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quote:Originally posted by earlimus

Kudos for all the work Toronto MB. What Canadian channel is broadcasting the games? Sorry if that´s already been posted.

Also, who will be doing the television commentating??

I'm assuming it will be Sportsnet with Dobson & Forrest, though I don't know if that has been officially announced as yet.

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Not a terrible website, by CONCACAF standards. Has Canada's 23 man roster, for instance, instead of the preliminary one on the CONCACAF site, though I had to use a non-Firefox browser for all the players to display properly. It even has stats from the last season for the players, like showing the number of games and yellow cards in the Danish Superliga for Adrian Cann.

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I just got off the phone with the CSA in regards to a couple stories. We are filming the intial installment of the Gold Cup video series tonight in Winnipeg.

Basically, the only pressing news is that:

- Begovic stated to the CSA that he wanted to be a part of the Gold Cup and to play for Canada

- He stayed home to be with his GF during the birth of their child

- The CSA has no reason to believe that Asmir has any inention of switching his national alliegance

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That was great!

I can't believe that there is now Voyageur TV!

I know that the CSA has been asked this a million times. But any news on the Tam front?

He had a great year at AEK...after earning his starting spot back from Basinas. Canada could definitely use him.

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