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May 31, 2009 Toronto Lady Lynx vs Rochester Ravens

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Result of the Sunday May 31, 2009 W-League game between Toronto Lady Lynx and Rochester Ravens played at Oshawa Civic Stadium in Oshawa at 4:00pm.

4 min…Lady Lynx Clare Rustad GOAL…TLL Lexi Marton center ball from 10 yards on left and Rustad pokes 6 yard shot under goalie Brittany Debole in center of net.

28 min…Lady Lynx Tiffany Cameron GOAL…TLL Clare Rustad from 60 yards chips ball down middle and Cameron on breakaway from 40 yards rushes down middle and rolls shot from 15 yards under sprawling goalie into center of net.

33 min…Lady Lynx Tiffany Cameron GOAL…Cameron steals ball off RR Meagan Magee as last defender at 25 yards and rushes to 12 yards and rolls shot into left side of net.

64 min…Lady Lynx Adrienne Ruhe Lischke GOAL…LL Allysha Chapman chips pass from her own side of center to Ruhe Lischke who holds off RR Meagan Magee on long rush down left and rolls 12 yard shot to right corner of net.

75 min…Lady Lynx Stefania Morra GOAL…Morra gets LL Allysha Chapman’s chipped pass from 60 yards and she’s in alone from 50 yards down middle and she rolls 15 yard shot just inside the right post.

79 min…Lady Lynx Stefania Morra GOAL…LL Adrienne Ruhe Lischke rolls pass down middle from center line and Morra after long run rolls 15 yard roller that’s under sprawling goalie.

82 min…Lady Lynx Adrienne Ruhe Lischke GOAL…LL Lexi Marton pops header pass from 60 yards that finds Ruhe Lischke between two defenders and she rushes down middle alone from 45 yards and her 10 yard shot in into short right side of net.

Final Score:………Toronto Lady Lynx……..7…………Rochester Ravens…………0………..

Attendance was officially given at 512 as today was called “Celebrating Durham Women in Soccer Day” and was made up of many girls from soccer clubs in the region. Smart that in the printed program today they featured local Lady Lynx player Bryanna McCarthy who was born in nearby Ajax.

Lady Lynx dominated this game right from the beginning. Tiffany Cameron scored two first half goals and the scorer gave her a generous ten shots on net in that first 45 minutes. The team started wholesale changes at halftime. 2008 MVP Stefania Morra was one of the three changes and she scored twice and 2007 MVP Adrienne Ruhe Lischke subbed in at 60 minutes replacing Cameron and had time for two goals. Morra was still taking exams at York University at the beginning of the season. A labour dispute had pushed the school terms back at that institute. Ruhe Lischke had played for Ottawa Fury in 2008 but is back for the team this season and this was only her second game of the season. In theory, either of these two could replace Cameron as a starter for a higher “shots to goals” ratio.

Midfielder Alyssa Lagonia was also a replacement at the start of the second half. She came in as a sub at 83 minutes in the Canada vs USA national team game in Toronto on Monday. Not even a starter? This team is deep!

Lady Lynx got caught offside quite a few times but many of their rushes worked and their forwards were away on breakaways.

Justine Bernier earned the shutout for the Lady Lynx only having to make a few saves from more than 20 yards away.

Lady Lynx head coach Danny Stewart told me after the game that he was happy for the comeback after settling for two 1-1 ties against London Gryphons in their last two games.

Referee Lisa McNeil led an all female officiating crew today and didn’t give out any cards for a game that wasn’t rough.

The Lynxster mascot wasn’t at today’s game. Tony the Tiger from the breakfast cereal company was posing for photos with many of the kids in attendance. The halftime pizza box relay race for fans was cancelled because the wind would have blown the empty boxes away before they could be picked up.

The win lifts the Lady Lynx to a 2 wins, 0 losses, and 2 ties record. Their two wins came against the Ravens and their two ties were against London Gryphons. Ravens have lost all four of their games this season. Last season the female Rochester Rhinos came to play in the match held in Oshawa last year and lost 8-0 but they only brought 11 players.

Next Lady Lynx home game is not until Sunday June 21st at 4:00pm at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke against the new team Buffalo Flash who are unique in this league for being a professional team. They beat the Ravens 6-0 in Rochester on Friday night.

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