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TFC Reserves v Serbian White Eagles - Friendly


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Just got word that TFC's Reserves and the Serbian White Eagles just completed a closed door friendly at BMO.

Final Score 1-1.

TFC scored a very late PK to salvage a tie.

Not sure who featured for TFC.

I'm glad to see TFC granting friendlies to quality opponents. If the TFC reserve players take these games seriously, it can be a good test to keep them sharp for when they get a chance to play for the 1st team.


among the players in the TFC lineup today were Sutton, Vitti, Harmse, Ricketts, Gomez, Sanyang, Velez

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I was hoping that TFC would use the CSL for reserve games since MLS cancelled their reserve league. TFC should play 1 reserve game vs. each CSL team. Would love to see them play vs Wolves in St. Kitts.

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quote:Originally posted by snake

did peter zezel play at one time with the white eagles


Zezel played for the North York Rockets, but I've read before that he also played unofficially with the White Eagles recently.

Thats all moot how, he died on May 26th from a blood disorder thats been affecting him for a long time.

He played most his NHL career with this disease including with the Leafs and the Vancouver Canucks. A gifted athelete that played 15 years in the NHL...

and also played as part of Canada's U-21 National Soccer Team.

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