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Stats for Canadians who played in the Premiership


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All-time appearances made by Canadian Internationals in England's top-flight


1) Tomasz Radzinski (194 appearances with Everton and Fulham in the Premiership, 2001-07)

2) David "Junior" Hoilett (161 appearances with Blackburn, QPR, and Cardiff in the Premiership, 2009-2019)

3) Craig Forrest (107 appearances with Ipswich, Chelsea, and West Ham in the Premiership and old First Division, 1992-2002)

4) Frank Yallop (98 appearances with Ipswich in the Premiership and old First Division, 1983-86, 1992-95)

5) Scott Arfield (86 appearances with Burnley in the Premiership, 2014-18)

6) Paul Stalteri (55 appearances with Tottenham and Fulham in the Premiership, 2005-08)

7) Carl Valentine (44 appearances with West Bromwich Albion in the old First Division, 1984-86)

8 ) Simeon Jackson (35 appearances for Norwich in the Premiership, 2011-13)

9) David Edgar (23 appearances with Newcastle and Burnley in the Premiership, 2006-10)

10) Jim Brennan (10 appearances with Norwich in the Premiership, 2004-05)

11) Bruce Twamley (2 appearances with Ipswich Town in the old First Division, 1973-74)

12) Terry Dunfield (1 appearance for Manchester City in the Premiership, 2001)




- Alex Bunbury: West Ham spent the 1992-93 season in Division One, finishing second and returning to the Premier League in May 1993, meaning that Bunbury never played a league game in the top flight.

- Lars Hirschfeld left Tottenham after two years, never having had a league appearance.

- Geoff Aunger played for Luton Town in 1993-94 when they were in the second tier.

- Paul Peschisolido helped three different Division 1/Championship sides promote to the top flight but never continued up with those sides to play a single game at the highest level.

- Owen ********** and Asmir ******* are intentional omissions as the list is for Canadian internationals .

** Doug McMahon played with the Wolverhampton Wolves in the old First Division in 1939, the last year before the traditional divisions were abandoned for regional leagues as the country prepared for war. His full career stats aren't readily available but his first appearance was against Blackpool on Jan. 1st 1939, and by the sounds of the articles on him he must have played a number of other games for the first team. As for his international career, although he would have undoubtedly played full internationals for Canada, for 30 years between 1927 and 1957 Canada withdrew from official competition, joining the British FA's in a prolonged dispute with FIFA.

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I saw Lars play for Spurs in a friendly, but I think you are correct Sigma that he never saw a first team game.

WBA were in the First Division in 84-85 and 85-86 when Carl Valentine played for them (though they were last in 86 and were relegated).

Also Bruce Twamley played twice for Ipswich in two seasons (1973-75) under Bobby Robson when they were in the top flight.

I can't think of anyone else.



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Thanks to the lads for the extra help with the list. Cool that we almost managed ten Canadians and that OH, even if he had been included, would only have managed sixth on the list with 25 current league appearances. Also, I had no idea that Bunbury hadn't actually played in the Premiership.

If you notice any errors or additions feel free to add them on here.

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Terry Dunfield made a substitute appearance for Man City against Chelsea at the end of the 2000/01 season.


22-year-old Dunfield has always been regarded as a naturally gifted midfielder and made his Premiership bow against Chelsea at Maine Road 12 months ago.

"This time last year, Terry Dunfield had played half a Premiership game for Joe Royle. I came in, watched him pre-season and put him in the first-team squad for a long while - and he just couldn't quite sustain it. He is a year older this time around, and should be a year wiser. "

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Well, I think Simeon has played as many games now as Brennan ever saw in the premiership. Hopefully we'll be able to add Junior to the stats soon too, but I won't hold my breath.

Simeon's 13 appearances this season in the league has him move above Edgar and just shy of Carl Valentine on the list. Pretty respectable. I wonder if he's played his last top-flight matches?

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2 hours ago, nolando said:

Figured it was time to add Junior's number which move him comfortably into 2nd on this list. Will he get another crack at the BPL?

Also, will Arfield's 37 top flight appearances be coming to this list soon?

Based on Burnley's current form, that 37 may be going up come August. 

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