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$30,000 CDN each for England's women


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Some other info:

Copying Cricket

Using central contracts is the system used for England's cricketers, with the aim of controlling when players can rest or play for their counties.

PFA Input

We have worked very hard with the FA board and the Professional Footballers' Association on these contracts over a long period of time to ensure they are right for the players.

4 Years - $2.3 Million CDN

The FA board have ratified a four-year deal that will see players paid from a pot worth £1.28million in total, with the hope of keeping the squad fresh and focused for international duty.

No Overseas Players

Players needed to ensure availability "at all times during the year", which could explain why Boston Breakers forward Kelly Smith is not among those under contract.

Train drain

Of the 17 players handed contracts only one, the Doncaster Belles midfielder Rachel Williams, a plasterer by trade, has yet to make her senior England debut. "This is brilliant for me," said the 20-year-old. "When I finish work at the moment I'm knackered and that affects my training. Now I'll be fresher and hopefully I can push on to break into the England squad for the Euro finals."

Arsernal Women's Head Naysay's

Vic Akers said: 'What the FA haven't said is that it will be sixteen grand across the board. That means a player with one cap will be paid the same as a player with sixty or seventy caps and that can't be right, surely?

'It is going to cause a bit of friction and you can't blame players like Kelly for heading to the States when they are going to be paid double.

'Losing these players is a serious loss to the British game.

'And the FA have to pay the costs of air fares and such to bring them back to play for England. It's not how I'd run my business, that's for sure.'

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