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New Professional Club


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Hello to all Voyageurs

I have pre-invitations for a new sports website.

Members will have a vote and decide where the new formed club will be playing.

Limited Places for freebies , but you can join later (paid subscription).

By the way, what place would you select to establish the club?


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To the moderator:

If possible, would you please remove the topic due to "Nigerian scams" thoughts?

Thank you for the people that answered me in private.

Just a short note:

This is not a Canadian based project, It's a worldwide project starting by 2012, and we are looking for open minded people to represent us in Canada. Confidentiality Agreement exists in this marketing campaign, and that's why we are not disclosing details at this stage.

"The Voyageurs" do not represent the whole Canadian supporters, but we thought would be a good idea to recruit someone here to support our project.

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