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BTW... their are plenty of Asians playing in Youth Soccer leagues in the Greater Toronto Area, and numerous Ethnic Youth Leagues, yet this was not enough to support a Chinese CSL franchise... In fact, one group in Markham brought group tickets for Toronto FC games instead.

Would Asian Soccer fans in Richmond flock to a "Orient FC" USL-1 games or would they rather support the Whitecaps? I think they'd stick with the Whitecaps brand over some ethnic team...

As an Asian myself, I'd personally prefer to spend my cash on TFC tickets, and I am absolutely sure that most Asians in the Lower Mainland would prefer the Whitecaps over an ethnic team

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quote:Originally posted by Calgary Boomer

I seem to recall during the DISASTROUS Nations Cup tournament a few years back, the crowd for the Indian National Team was much better than the Chinese team. Mind you, the Whitecaps were promised the Chinese U20's, and instead they got a mish mash of U18's.

I'm not surprised... I gotta admit, most Chinese-Canadians don't import the same passion for soccer as soccer fans in China...

Personally, I think most Chinese-Canadian soccer fans would end up supporting Canada if the Chinese MNT and the Canadian MNT played... of course, I'm speaking for myself here, but I think its a fair assuption..

Nevertheless, I bet the supporters of the Indian National Team are more their for Nationalism, not for their "passion" for soccer... The CBC as well as the Economist recently did some Documentary\Article on India and nationalism is being fueled by their rising economy.

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