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Part-time coaches at the youth NT level

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After reading the below quote from Dasovic today in the paper I thought I’d start a thread:

quote:“I prefer to be in club football," Dasovic said. "With the Canadian national program, you didn't really coach; it was more monitoring players' fitness with a three-month break. This is where you want to be, an environment where there's pressure on everybody. It keeps you (hungry)."


Now part of this reflects the CSA’s budget (let’s avoid discussing this, assume it’s locked) but the rest shows what we are really requiring from a youth coach (ie not a lot of time).

Is the CSA better off hiring someone like Dasovic to run the U20 or U17 program on a part-time basis as opposed to some internal candidate? (I know this is different than U23 which is only for the Olympics).

In the future, hopefully with more full-residency academies, having someone like Dasovic would work both for the professional club and the association. He gets to scout players he can use in the club, and bringing them in for professional training makes his life at the NT level easier.

Poaching players by one club could be an issue, but this could easily be solved with territorial rights that would give any club the first chance to sign a youth player should they choose. You could also draw one coach from each pro-team on staff.

Is this better than putting in some NTC coach? Will it help player development? save the CSA money so the directors can buy more expensive track jackets?


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I think anything is better than an NTC "coach" or trainer, because in reality that's what they are trainers. You can't really call yourself a coach unless you're coaching a team that is competing to win. What these NTC guys do for the players is show them theory and principles of play which if not supported by a competition is like teaching somebody to sing in the shower, they might sound pretty good mixed with the water sound but if you put them in front of a crowd they will frizzed and that's exactly what's happening with our youth players.

NTC is just a gig that allows friends to give jobs to each other and also lie to each other about how good of a job they're doing. It's all a Soccer Wonderland gig for amateurs.

Any coach who works every day in a competitive environment would be 500 times better than any of these NTC wannabes.

As Dosovic said "This is where you want to be, an environment where there's pressure on everybody. It keeps you (hungry)." and what does our national coaching staff and all the NTC coaches know about that? NOTHING that's what, and it reflects in our national teams performances.

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