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Canada announces Beach Soccer roster


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Looking at the roster I didn't know Alberta was a beach ;)

Joking a side I'm confused as to why the CSA continues to spend $ on the Beach & Futsal teams when we don't have a supporting program for the events. Wouldn't the funds be better spent on the existing MP 11 a side programs?

The CSA programs are diluted so badly $ wise already it's baffling why there is a continous lack of focus. The spending so far this year looks pretty heavy based upon activities.

As much as I love the new steps in the WP, I really wonder if the CSA is setting us up to say "we've run out of funds & we need that extra $5 you turned us down on to make it"

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The CSA is not spending $ on this program.

Ross Ongaro has secured a sponsor for this program.

I think that the professional staff at the CSA is happy to see this program exist because there is a mandate to do so from FIFA/CONCACAF but they know that they can't be using their insufficient budget resources on this program.

Futsal is a different story, in my mind. The CSA and Provinces need to get on the same page when it comes to FUTSAL (some provinces are more co-operative than others) and come to a determinaton where FIFA Futsal fits into the LTPD program and then execute the plan and have measurable objectives.

As for the $5.00 fee increase, its coming. I can tell you with absolutely certainty that some clubs have already started collecting it this year, even though it did not pass. I'm not going to make a huge deal about the fee increase (which will be phased in over a period of time) as long as the corresponding action plan is more focused and the objectives are measureable....I'm still not convinced that the plan addresses the major issues affecting the CSA. I have not seen any evidence that the CSA Strategic Plan has been modifified to reflect the legitimate concerns put forward, especially the presentation put forth by the ex-president of Oakville SC that asked hard questions and expressed grave concerns that the plan was too broad and had too many priorities, as though it was a plan written to ensure failure rather than success.

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CSA release:

16 April 2009

Canada announces Beach Soccer roster

Canada’s men’s beach soccer team has announced its roster for the 2009 CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship. Coach Ross Ongaro has selected 12 players for the six-team tournament which runs this 29 April to 3 May in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The top-two teams in the championship will qualify for the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Dubai 2009.

'The experience of qualifying into the quarter-final stage of the FIFA World Cup Rio 2006 will help our players prepare for the challenges ahead in 2009,' said head coach Ross Ongaro. 'Much ground will need to be covered, but the players will represent Canada with class and pride.'

This will be Canada’s first participation since 2006 when the team finished second and qualified for the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Rio 2006. In Brazil, Canada reached the quarter-final stage. The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Dubai 2009 runs 16-22 November in the United Arab Emirates.

Canada, Bahamas, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico and USA will take part in the 2009 CONCACAF championship. The draw for the championship will take place next week on 22 April.

1- G- Gregory Bonar

3- D- Joe Di Buono

4- D- Kyle Yamada

6- M- Marco Terminesi

8- F- Kyriakos Selaidopoulos

9- M- Chris Lemire

10- G- Sipho Sibiya

11- M- Kurt Bosch

14- M- Ian Diaz

21- D- Giuliano Oliviero

22- G- Jaswinder Gill

F- Jocelyn Roy

Head Coach / Entraîneur-chef : Ross Ongaro

Manager / Gérant : Christian Prevost

Head of Delegation / Chef de la délégation : Charlie Cuzzetto

Sent to the Voyageurs by Matt Schroeder, VP of Communications, Milwaukee Wave:


Trio of players participates in CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championships

CHICAGO (April 20, 2009) — Kyt Selaidopoulos has some advice for his new teammates on the Canadian beach soccer team – watch the bottom of your feet.

“As long as they don’t get blisters on their first day on the beach, they’ll be fine,” said the Detroit Ignition captain, who joins Milwaukee Wave standouts Giuliano Oliviero and Marco Terminesi on the Canadian team that competes in the CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship, April 29-May 3 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The CONCACAF region includes North and Central America and the Caribbean, and the top two teams in this tournament qualify for the 2009 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in Dubai, Nov. 16-22.

Selaidopoulos played for the Canadian team in 2006 when it finished second in the CONCACAF in Costa Rica -- where he picked up those blisters almost immediately -- and then reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup. The Montreal native helped recruit Oliviero and Terminesi to the 2009 team, which is coached by former Wave player Ross Ongaro.

With 33 points, Selaidopoulos was second in scoring for the Ignition, who won the inaugural XSL championship. He has been with Detroit since its inception three years ago, and previously played in Milwaukee and Montreal.

In Milwaukee he was a teammate of Oliviero, a Vancouver native. Oliviero led the XSL this season with 20 assists and was sixth in the league in scoring with 40 points.

“It’s a pleasure, anytime you represent your country at any level, it’s always an honor,” said Oliviero, 35, who is participating in his first beach soccer event.

Terminesi, just 24, is a native of Woodbridge, Ontario. He comes off a season in which he scored 52 points, second in the XSL, and claimed league Rookie of the Year honors. He learned from Selaidopoulos that he was an option for the team, then Ongaro watched him play during the XSL season. He remained on the fence about what to do with his summer, but gradually embraced the opportunity with the Canadian team.

“Once I heard about the hotels, food and the way they take care of us, that’s when I realized it’s going to be a big deal,” Terminesi said. “Plus, you’re playing for your country, that’s the thing that’s going to be awesome.”

Beach soccer is played with four field players plus a keeper, with three 12-minute periods in each game. With wide-open spaces, every free kick a direct try at goal and nearly full-size outdoor goals, there is plenty of scoring. The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup is played annually; it should surprise no one that Brazil has won the last three tournaments.

“It’s played in the air; you can’t really dribble in sand,” Oliviero said. “For those acrobatic guys, it’s good for them. The goals are big, and there should be a lot of scoring.”

Canada rejoins the competition after a two-year absence; it qualified for the World Cup in 2006 by finishing second. Also in the tournament are Bahamas, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico and the United States. The U.S. has won the event twice; Mexico is the defending champion.

The team trains in San Diego for three days beginning April 24, then goes to Puerto Vallarta. Selaidopoulos is already in Milwaukee to join Oliviero and Terminesi for training.

For more information on beach soccer, visit http://www.concacaf.com/competitions/beach/2009/index.aspx or http://www.fifa.com/beachsoccerworldcup/index.html.

Founded last summer by the Milwaukee Wave, Detroit Ignition, New Jersey Ironmen and Chicago Storm, the Xtreme Soccer League is more than an indoor soccer league. The Xtreme Soccer Xperience is an energetic and innovative 12-month sports lifestyle brand built around skilled soccer professionals, entertainment and fan participation -- both live and online. For more information, visit XtremeSL.net.


Matt Schroeder

VP of Communications

Milwaukee Wave

(414) 908-6352 work

(262) 227-0342 cell

Xtreme Soccer League


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NEW YORK (AP)—Another soccer tournament in Mexico has been disrupted by concerns over the swine flu.

CONCACAF says it is postponing its beach soccer championship, which was scheduled to begin Wednesday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Tuesday’s announcement comes a day after CONCACAF, soccer’s governing body for the North and Central American and Caribbean regions, canceled the rest of its under-17 tournament “to safeguard the health of players, officials and fans.” The semifinals, featuring Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico and the United States, had been scheduled for Wednesday in the border city of Tijuana.

CONCACAF made the decision to postpone the six-team beach soccer championship after consulting with FIFA and Beach Soccer Worldwide. A new date hasn’t been set, and CONCACAF said it’s evaluating different options with local authorities.


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CONCACAF does not want beach soccer to replace otudoor football at the Olympics. They want to see futsal added on and that mandate is being pushed by Grondon from South America.

Beach soccer is a fun and great spectator sport much like beach volleyball. Having said that, the sport is a novelty act and I am glad the CSA did not spend a dollar on it. I can take a guess as to who the sponsor was seeing former Quebec conervative candidate Christian Prevost as manager.

As for futsal, that is the one program that the LTPD guide needs to implement ASAP. All I hear is how we want to play like Brazilians, Spaniards, Argentinians, Portuguese etc. Yet due to a lack of education futsal is not seen as a viable sport for our kids to develop the necessary skills to play skillfully. Some of the comments about futsal from some of Canadian soccer's leaders have been mindboggling at best.

I personally love watching mens futsal, as my name clearly indicates. It is essentially played like basketball with 3x2 nets instead of hoops and has an insane amount of amazing goals and plays that would blow peoples minds away. But any investment should not be to an inexperienced 'indoor soccer' coach from Edmonton that leads a group of arena soccer guys, but to the kids at the U6-U12 levels, because that is where you are going to see big dividends for the outdoor game.

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MEXICO CITY (AP)—A beach soccer championship postponed last month because of the swine flu outbreak in Mexico will be played from June 17-21 in Puerto Vallarta.

CONCACAF, the governing body of soccer in North and Central America and the Caribbean, said on Thursday the tournament would open with the United States facing the Bahamas.

The tournament was originally set for April 29-May 3 in Puerto Vallarta, but was put off after Mexican government officials closed schools and limited other public gatherings to stem the outbreak.

The top two teams in the tournament qualify for the Beach Soccer World Cup set for Nov. 16-22 in Dubai.

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