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I'll let the mods move this to wherever they want it parked.

2nd source confirms: CSA nominations

Vice-President - Victor Montagliani (BC)

Treasurer - Steven Reed (BC)

Director-at-Large (2 positions)

- Steve Dalziel (NS)

- John Knox (ON)

- Jeannette Kuc (SK)

- Mike Traficante (AB)

Kuc will have the equity factor

Knox will benefit from all of the pre-AGM lobbying

Wouldn't it be a laugh if Dalziel steals some votes and Traficante squeezes in ahead of Kuc & "Ollie"

And why did they even bother with Fleming and a nom committee.

As SW said, "no new blood, faces or ideas; same crap, different dogs".

No changes here.

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quote:Originally posted by Daniel

I'm sure this is interesting, but I have no idea who anyone here is/does.

Well Daniel .. that is the issue, most people, fans of the National team, coaches in clubs, moms and dads, club presidents.. District pooh bahs dont know what the CSA individuals do.

The answer is they attend meetings and do what the are told is needed to be done .. have a AGM, get the books audited.. hire a coach, but there is little they actually do in a creative way.

None of the Directors listed has shown any ability to improve soccer in the country .. they are the end result of system that is anti-democratic and self perpetuating and they have a licence or franchise in busines terms to control all soccer in Canada.

To make it more clear you might want to liken it to a large family, like some of the tradtional ones you see involved drugs and prostitution in Montreal or Canada or North America .. with one really significant difference.. no new family are allowed to form or are tollerated.

Its a very effective model for FIFA, and a horrible one for Canada.

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CSA Constitution Committee issued an 83 page document, no major changes - ALL FLUFF - insignificant little bits and pieces.

Status quo really, the changes that are "anticipated" to be accepted should bring the CSA constitution more closer to FIFA's request for a closer common-look-commonn-feel policy amongst it's members.

The "one member, one vote", which is how 99% of all other FIFA feds vote is noticeablly absent.

Expect a heavy compaign by the CSA to the provincial/territory associations to prepare ALL members for increased registration fees.

It's being suggested that 65% of CSA revenue will be registration based.

It'll be interesting to hear/see how the clubs respond when the provincial associations download the expense when the CSA announces no more funding for national championships; yet provincial all-star program will continue to be funded by the CSA.

And nothing to do with the economy, allegedly adidas and Telus have had enough of the CSA. Multi year deals expire next year, but it appears the options to renew needed to be triggered in 09 and apparently neither has any interest. So it looks like two more "Diamond" sponsors are joining CIBC on the sidelines.

Still working on other details.


CVs of candidates

Montagliani is in Insurance (mid 40's)

Reed is a CA (50ish)

believe it or not, Knox was a cop (now retired), currently consulting on private security matters (mid 60)

Kuc was a SaskTel employee, now with Sask Teacher Fed (late 40's)

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