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History of Canadian Jersey - NEED HELP


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Hey guys. I have been thinking about putting together a website to document the transition between the Canadian Jerseys from current to as early back as we can. This is something I have wanted to do for sometime. However, the quality and quantity of pictures available is almost non-existent. This is why I need The V's to help out and dig in their closets and take a digital shot of the past kits.

I am hoping one day down the road to make this a completely flash website that will help document the images and stories behind what events took place withing these jerseys. Please help me by checking out the temporary website and emailing me any photos you can help out with as well as comments/corrections/suggestions.


Have a look at the website and the temporary images and have a laugh at the memories we shared when our boys were wearing some of these kits.

I want to have this done before the Gold Cup, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Interesting idea. Those 96-98 Umbros also came in black. We lost two WCQ in those black kits. Not that I'm bitter. The cool thing was that each of the province's shields was in the fabric (you can make it out in the pic of the white one).

I liked those 94 kits (made by Score AIR) at the time. They looked better in red, but they were different and kind of cool. Now they look horribly dated. We wore those in 92-93 as well didn't we? We definitely had them for the whole USA94 run up.

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure we wore the World Cup kits in 85 during qualifying and in 88 as well. They had a pretty long life span.

There was a horizontal stripe kit (sort of like the Whitecaps)in the very early 80s no? That's getting before my time, but I have that in my head.

Found it! Not sure what year. I'm guessing it's the lead up to 1982?


I think these were from 1997 (I have a pic of the U20s from 97 and I think they wore these, but I should double-check, this is a Pesch jersey):


The World Cup kits in white:




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Thanks for the images. I hoping to try and put this together without any CSA involvement, and then if I need to I will ask for help with the 1900-1970s jerseys that I cannot obtain quality pictures of.

Hopefully some of you guys have these jerseys laying in your closet and can take a high quality image so I can replace the stock photos. I will continually update as I can.

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after checking out all these jerseys I've come to the conclusion that not only has our National team sucked but so has our national sense of style.

It seems to have gotten better recently but I've totally forgotten about most of these kits from the 90's, and for good reason.

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So does anyone on here own any of these jerseys and are sitting in their closet? I need pictures of them laying flat on a white or solid colour background. Please email me razcle at aol dot com if you can


2008-09 White

2006-07 Red, Black

2004-05 Red, White

1998-00 Red, White (Gold Cup Winners)

1996 Special Red/Black Umbro

1994-95 White (crazy Score jersey)

1985-86 Red, White (World Cup Jerseys)

Any other year that does not have a clear high definition picture


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