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ANB Academy hosting International Player ID Camp


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I'm not sure if this sort of thing has been done but its quite an interesting idea. I hope good things come out of it:


April 6, 2009

The ANB Academy is pleased to announce its first international ID

scouting camp from May 8 to 10 at the futbol grounds of The Country

Day School, the home of The ANB Academy.

The camp will be open to male players throughout Canada from U-12 to U-17 years of age.

Youth coaches from the following European clubs will be testing,

observing and scouting the participants:

- Coach TBA, Juventus, Italy Seria A.

- Coach Francois Rodrigues , Le Havre, French Ligue 1.

- Coach Bernard Turpin, Auxerre, French Ligue 1.

- Coach Guillaume Dumoulin, Yerville Formation Centre, France.

- Coach Valerii Kynashenko, Dynamo Kyiv FC, Ukranian Premier League.

The schedule for the camp is as follows:

- Friday May 8: Presentation on the French, Italian & Russian youth formation systems.

- Saturday May 9: Technique testing & small sided games.

- Sunday May 10: Technique-Fitness testing & full sided games.

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I was emailed a copy of the "end of camp report" by Bassam Naim, Academy Director of ANB Academy. I thought it was pretty interesting so I have decided to post the text for all to read.

From May 8th to May 10th, 2009, The ANB Academy had the privilege of hosting the following European Coaches for its first ever International ID Camp at the ANB complex at Country Day School in Kleinberg, ON:

Mr. Bernard Turpin, AJ Auxerre, France

Mr. Francois Rodrigues, Le Havre, France

Mr. Valerii Kynashenko, Dynamo Kyiv, Ukraine

Mr. Guillaume DuMoulin, Passion Foot/Auxerre, France

On Friday evening May 8th, 2009, the European Coaches delivered a two hour lecture/open forum on their youth system of development in their respective clubs.

To summarize:

- Coach Kynashenko reiterates the importance of technique at the youth level … without technique, there will be no tactics.

- Coach Rodrigues elaborated on the strength of the Le Havre formation system in producing top level professionals.

- Coach DuMoulin briefly explained the Auxerre scouting system in France.

- Coach Turpin’s presentation was “The game is in the training”.

For the youth, their overall message was very clear:

- Technique will always be the foundation of the futbol player.

- Age related training is fundamental.

- Higher frequency of training is essential.

- Competitions’ outcomes should reflect the development of the


On Saturday & Sunday, the ANB complex at Country Day School hosted 80 athletes from all over Canada and as far as Mexico, for 2 days of practical sessions, small sided games & full sided games.

The following were the guest coaches' comments and recommendations:

- Coach Kynashenko recommends more technique work with the youth on all ages. He was pleasantly surprised with the ANB facility, the organization, the coaches involved and the playing level overall.

- Coach Rodrigues was very intrigued with the overall abilities of the players aged 10 to 12. He praised the technique & aggressiveness of the 13 to 14 which he believed was lacking in the older ages 15 to 18.

- Coach DuMoulin commented on the younger talent pool (ages 10 to 12) as well and said that he is looking forward to coming back and seeing the level of improvement next year.

- Coach Turpin said that the younger group 10 to 12 had players that are more talented than what he has seen in France, which is a good sign for the future.

The outcome of the ID camp:

- Le Havre has formally invited one 1993 born player for a formal

tryout in France … details to follow in a press release.

- Auxerre has formally invited the ANB management for a 10 day coaching education tour in their formation centre.

- ANB to work on future projects with Dynamo Kyiv … details to be announced shortly.

- The ANB International ID Camp will become a yearly event. For more information on this and other academy programs, visit our website at www.anbfutbol.com or call us at 905-313-8661 or e-mail us at bassam@anbfutbol.com.

The ANB academy's vision is to become Canada’s leading futbol development organization. Its mission is to identify Canadian futbol talent, and to maximize the potential of players at any level, through professional coaching and training.

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While it would be nice to see a day where community clubs seek to adopt the same type of development philosophy that exists at the reputable academies, my belief is that this is a LONG way off and may never happen for the VAST majority of community clubs.

To give you an idea of how different the operating philosophy of the better academies is vs. the typical community club, you just need to digest the following paragraph from the Soccer Academy Alliance Canada Q&A page at www.academysoccer.ca:

The Academy system has been developed as an alternative to the top level of the current Pyramid of Play. The academies are driven by a qualified technical staff where the focus is on players that have the skill and commitment level to participate in high performance programs. The system is player-focused rather than team-focused, so the needs and development of the individual player are put above those of the team. In order to field a team in this program, Academies must meet strict requirements. Beyond their commitment to field a competitive team, they must also produce a player development plan that incorporates the standards that SAAC has set out for coaching, training and physical well-being.

People may criticize the academies for a variety of reasons but the reality is that the reputable academies (SAAC members and its affiliates are just some of the groups I consider to be "reputable") are really and truly the best examples of the CSA's Long Term Player Development strategy currently in existence. It's so odd to me that the organizations best capable of fulfilling the requirements of the LTPD plan are not even permitted to become official members of the Canadian "soccer family".

Full disclosure: As of this year, I am a member of the Board of Directors of Soccer Academy Alliance Canada (SAAC).

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^ I can't give you a number. I have no clue how many people are out there promoting that they operate an academy. I know that there are alot of clubs out there

I can tell you that there are alot of groups who operate in a reputable, responsible manner, who adhere to a similar set of standards as the standards that govern SAAC members.

here is another quote from the Q&A section of the SAAC website:

The use of the term 'Academy' has become so widespread that it invariably leads to confusion among parents and players. The purpose of SAAC was to try and bring back some accountability into the word 'Academy' by providing the customer a basis on which to evaluate their options.

We cannot speak for the quality of programs offered outside of SAAC. Some will be very good, while others may not live up to expectations. What SAAC can do is provide the customer with the assurance that if they choose a SAAC Academy, they can expect the level of service to comply with the Standards laid out by our association.

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There are currently 8 organizations involved with SAAC.

4 Full members (ANB Academy Futbol, Bryst Football Academy, DPSoccer Academy and Power Player Academy).

4 Schools of Excellence (Score Soccer, Elite Soccer Development, Sigma FC and USC Academy)

I suggest you check out www.academysoccer.ca to read more if you are interested in the academies. Feel free to ask any questions you wish as well.

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A full year would be approximately $3-4K (excluding travel)

To give it some perspective, this would include 10/11 months of 3-4 sessions per week with a licensed (min. B) coach. All sessions would also have a physiotherapist present, and a qualified GK coach would be present 1-2 times per week.

Another note, the Academies operate outdoor for 8 months/year (April-November).

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A team from a french language High School .. Louis Riel has won the OFSAS AAA Girls championship today in Ottawa....

The interesting point is the players attend a school with a full Sport Etude program and on site Soccer dome built by the School Board, the program is in effect a fully integrated Academy program run by the school board.

That is where the Academy programs for both sexes need to be going, is into full programs in High School settings.

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