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SOS: Save Our Soccer

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Forgive me if someone has come up with this idea in the past (I'm new haha)

I think it's no secret that our National Team is in crisis. We seem to slam into the same iceberg every couple of years, and watch as yet another decent ship sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

It's time to throw up an SOS - it's time to Save Our Soccer.

When Canada's Men's Hockey Team lost to the Czech Republic in the Semi Finals of the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, this country was outraged. The lasting image of Wayne Gretzky sitting alone on the bench with his head down, has been burned into the minds of hockey fans from coast to coast.

Fans questioned whether or not Canada had slipped off its perch as the best hockey nation in the world. In a poll after the '98 Games, 85% of Canadians felt that change was needed to develop better players and compete with the likes of Sergei Federov and Jaromir Jagr.

So Hockey Canada stepped up and created an "Open Ice Summit" where past and present coaches, players, officials, and management got together to examine the state of the game in Canada. For three days they brainstromed how to fix some problems and how to get us back on top. They came up with short term and long term goals and did everything in their power to fix it.

Not only did it work, but it was quite possibly the greatest idea Hockey Canada has ever come up with.

So why can't the Canadian Soccer Association do the same? I realize that they don't have access to the vast amount of money hockey can generate. The thing is, we've hit the iceberg already and water is starting to enter our ship. We have two choices... sit around and watch as our pride and glory sinks again or we can do everything in our power to develop a plan that will help us get past our stumbling block.

It's time for the SOS Summit and what better time than the present.

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Well I think it's time people start putting their egos aside and start working for the common good of the game.

I'm assuming by "Big 3" you mean TFC, Vancouver and Montréal... and yes I would hope a rep from each of those organizations would be there, along with members of the CSA, Provincial Reps, and get some player input as well from both past and present players.

Hopefully they can spend 3 or 4 days and come up with some sort of plan for the future. Then again, maybe this is just one big pipe dream. But if they can do it in hockey, why not soccer?

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quote:Originally posted by Trident

I love seeing people call the Canadian teams the "Big 3".

We're the only three! The closest to professional sides are our reserve teams...

Well when we're talking to people who aren't familiar with the sport saying "Big 3" is much better than saying "only 3"

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quote:Originally posted by orletafc

Not to start a pissing match but the CSL considers itself Professional & is even on the FIFA website. Sad but true Big3 fits nicely. I would love to say Big6 or 8 but by then we could have our own league..............and voting system within the CSA

Why bring this up all the time? The CSL contains a reserve team,an academy, a team penalised for having a collegiate player, ethnic amateur teams...

It is not professional. It is not Canada's league, regardless of what some clueless bureaucratic organisation has to say.

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