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ICF: TFC/Columbus preview

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It will be interesting to see what John Carver does in the absence of DeRosario and Guevara. My guess is that he will play it safe:-


Wynne Serioux Velez Brennan




-------Vitti Barrett

Beyond Sutton/Edwards (depending on whether either is eventually traded and probably just Sutton if nothing happens) and Dichio primarily in a supersub role up front I suspect anything provided by Gomez, Sanyang, Smith, Gala, Attakora-Gyan, Ibrahim and White this season is viewed as an unexpected bonus at this point and the squad in starting terms is really only about 15 deep right now.

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My suggestion is they put De Ro as a left mid because Hejduk is out on international duty. Therefore if we feed the ball to De Rosario on the left, he will destroy their back up RB and break their defense down. So I have:


Wynne Serioux Velez Brennan


---Ricketts-------De Rosario


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I'm going to go out on a limb here and put Nana out there on D rather than keep Harmse in the backline. Since Robinson is away, someone will need to take his place as the holding mid. DeRo will move back on the wing to replace Guevara while Vitti will partner Barrett up front.





Crazy to put Brennan as a CB rather than keep him on the outside? Didn't really know who else could move into central defense comfortably. The same question goes for Cronin into central midfield. Would DeRo be better off in the middle?

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I take it that's what you want to happen rather than what you think will happen? :) Perhaps worth noting that Nana Attakora-Gyan was still listed as questionable for the game on the MLS website earlier this week:-


Also not sure that Attakora-Gyan has ever played on the left (anyone know for sure?) so if he were to be used I think it is much more likely to be at centre half instead of Harmse or at right back with Wynne moved up to right mid.

DeRosario tended to play in central mid for Houston so no fears using him there, in my opinion, and with no Guevara and Robinson it's important to have somebody in there, who can put their foot on the ball and spray it about a bit. It would be asking a lot to expect that from Cronin in his second ever pro level game.

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Score Predictions

De Ro gets goal and/or assist.

Wynne gets assist

Ricketts possible goal

Barrett possible goal

Vitti possible goal

Score: TFC 1 1 Columbus

With Guevara and Robinson gone I feel that the strikers won't have a great deal of support and therefore few scoring chances. Goal likely to come from outside 18, therefore De Ro. Maybe Velez can head in a corner. We'll see.

Cards: Yellow to Serioux. Fouls Schelotto.

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