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The V's wish Richard Howes a speedy recovery....

Winnipeg Fury

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Just logged on to the BC Soccer Web and found this posting. Richard Howes, the Editor of the BC Soccer Web, is the same 'Richard' that posts on our forum. On behalf of all V's, I would like to wish Richard a speedy recovery:

18 February 2009

Dear Readers and advertisers,

Please accept my apologies for the sudden cessation of my daily update routine. February 10th I underwent major heart surgery at BC's Royal Columbian Gospital, having gone in the day before for what was expected to be a relatively simple angiogram. The heart surgery was succcessful albeit fraught with some complications, I am home again as of today and recovering well. Regrettably I suffered some visual impairment as a side effect of the procedure which is making it very difficult to read with obvious and frustrating (for me) consequences. Whilst it is not yet certain, there is hope that some of the lost vision could be restored but it may take a while before I can get the BC Soccer Web back up and running again as your one stop shop for BC based daily soccer news and information. Please bear with me and keep checking back. Also please forgive me if I do not respond promptly to your many individual email messages that I have not yet been able to read, I will do so as soon as I am able.

Yours in soccer, Richard Howes, Editor

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Guest Jeffery S.

Hi Richard. Very sorry to hear about this, but glad you are able to at least send a message out. We appreciate you a lot and hope you recover fully and quickly.


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