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Depends which USL Franchise it has been debated many times on the different forums here is a quick answer:

Q: What is the estimated initial investment cost?

A: There are variable estimated initial investments for each league. The initial franchise fee range is $75,000 to $750,000 (depending on league). Average operating budgets for the USL First Division range from $2M- $2.5M, USL Second Division range from $600K - $1M, the USL Premier Development League range from $100K - $200K, and the USL W-League from $75K to $150K. League administrative and affiliation fees vary from league to league.


Now as everyone knows here the interesting thing here is that the USL allocates each team(aka franchise) it's piece of territory which so far Saputo has been able to hold with an iron fist(good and bad imho). Another thing that once came up on one of the forums was that apparently the "bigger & more established" USL1 clubs set an unofficial "salary/expenditure" cap every year, even thou officialy that is an advantage that the USL has over the MLS.

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