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Canada struggles at soccer because of its style

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Canada struggles at soccer because of its style of play

from Gareth Wheeler at the Sun


The reason Canada doesn't find consistent success internationally is because there is no defined Canadian way of playing soccer.

Like Canadian culture, our style is a mixed bag, influenced by the multiple ethnic groups and nationalities.

For the nation, the cultural diversity works; for soccer, it doesn't.

If you had to pick one way to describe the way Canadian soccer is played, it would be some kind of hybrid-British style -- defending at all cost and counter-attacking when possible, otherwise known as 'Kick and Run'.

It's the unattractive, old school British way of playing. Even the English have changed for the better.

The British influence within the Canadian Soccer Association and provincially, the Ontario Soccer Association is there for all to see.

But for whatever reason, whether philosophical differences or political nonsense, good soccer minds of other nationalities within Canada have been left out of the equation.

The issue isn't systematic, but problematic nonetheless.

Former national team member Carmen Marcantonio thinks the various ethnic communities haven't stepped up and been active enough at the decision-making level.

"New ideas haven't come and change hasn't been made quick enough-- there is great opportunity there to create something through ideas," Marcantonio said.

Marcantonio, with vast coaching and playing experience in this country, points to the United States as a prime example of a country that has changed its soccer identity, taking the facets of both the European and Central American game.

So without new ideas, the outcome has been predictable; the technical skill of Canadian players hasn't markedly improved.

...Just like the men, it's too apparent in major competition that our women aren't technically sound enough to compete with the world's best. When Canada gets the ball, it rarely knows what to do with it.

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