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Radically Different MLS Expansion Picture Emerges


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This comes directly from MLS Rumors...


EXPANSION: Radically Different Expansion Picture Emerges - Miami, Portland, Vancouver Likely In, St Louis Out

Sunday, February 1, 2009

That appears to be the picture painted by the following email from a reliable source within US soccer media who wishes to remain anonymous:

It may be the same source as you already have but I heard yesterday that Miami Barca is a done deal. The announcement will be made separately from the other expansion team (s). Miami will enter with Philly in 2010. The other piece of news is that Jeff Cooper's St Louis group is not being taken that seriously by the league and it is likely Portland enters in 2011 with Vancouver potentially in 2011 or 2013. Both cities according to my source are basically guaranteed entry in either 2011 or 2013, with Portland probably going first. I'm also told MLS is still interested in Atlanta for 2013 despite Arthur Blank's withdrawal for 2011. The League will not be capped at 20 or 21 teams but my source tells me expansion may be put on hold for the next several years after 2013. The competition for number 20 is between Atlanta, St Louis and potentially Phoenix if they get their act together before bidding for 2013.

What do you think of this evolving expansion picture?


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For once this mlsrumours story seems to more or less fit in with the other snippets of info that have been appearing lately e.g. the problems with St Louis not having a deep pocketed investor. This way if anything untoward happens in Philadelphia they still wind up with 18 in place or in the pipeline by 2011 by adding the two that are ready to go stadiumwise and the best of the rest. Think 2013 makes more sense with regards to Portland as they have a lot more work to do in stadium and funding terms than the other two so a conditional acceptance is more likely like Cleveland being the original partner for Chivas USA for 2005.

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