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2014 World Cup citys


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Sepp Blatter in Brasil has said FIFA will ensure one of the selected citys will be, Belem, Manaous or Cuiaba and Campo Grande. The chosen join Sao Paulo and Rio as assured sites, I would suggest Porto Alegre and Curitba are also in with Salvador, and Recife. So seven of twelve assured, who will the other five be ?


Best of the lot for international travellers is Belem in my opinion, its a big city with lots of vibrant culture and night life, it is the gateway to the Amazon, although hotel infrastructure might be challenged, the ease of bringing in cruise boats would solve that quickly. Spending a night in the Doucas or drinking at the Remo soccer club are easy ways to pass time till your team plays. The stadium http://www.worldstadiums.com/stadium_pictures/south_america/brazil/para/belem_proenca.shtml is up to the task, with improvements to concession spaces, and some cosmetic work outside, one advantage is there are adequate training fields as part of the full complex for visiting teams and good proximity to parking.

Manaous is interesting but it is an expensive city and does not have jewel like the Docas in Belem to show of to tourists. Manaous does have good night life, the Forro clubs stand out but not many futbol tourists will be up to the level dancing Pagode or Forro with the locals.

Cuiaba is too flat, to boring, and to "new" not a good spot and the stadia is not up to form in any way, http://www.worldstadiums.com/stadium_pictures/south_america/brazil/mato_grosso/cuiaba_fragelli.shtml, its not an all seater and sight lines are far from the pitch.

Campo Grande http://www.worldstadiums.com/stadium_pictures/south_america/brazil/mato_grosso_do_sul/campo_grande_pedrossian.shtml stadia not impressive again one of the "new brasil" cities not a lot to recommend it flat, hot, not much to excite the tourist.

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Belem gets approval of Maranhao and Amapa to bring cup games to Belem, also supporting the bid is Vale, who owns the nickel assets in Sudbury and sponsors TVO show the Agenda with Steve Pakin.

Hopefully FIFA will be impressed by the option to bring in tour ships from Europe and US ports to support the need for hotel space and to boost the "package aspects" FIFA vice president and Concacaf head man Jack A. Warner should be onside with Belem being selected as its Calypsonian connects will impress Jack, and the Festa Junina events that can match up to World Cup dates make this a dynamic city to visit for futbol and festas.

FIFA will blow it if they dont choose this city over the others in the Amazonia zone.

In addition the city classico today between Remo and Paysandu will impress with record crowds, and the fact in 2014 Paysandu will celebrate one hundred years as a sport club.

Belém recebe apoio de Amapá e Maranhão para ser sede da Amazônia

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sexta-feira, fevereiro 6, 2009, 14:22

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A candidatura de Belém (PA) para ser a sede da Amazônia na Copa do Mundo de 2014 recebeu o apoio dos governos de Maranhão e Amapá, que estão fora da disputa para receber jogos do Mundial no Brasil.

O governador do Amapá, Waldez Góes, e o secretário de Esporte do Maranhão, Weverton Rocha Marques de Sousa, se juntaram à governadora do Pará, Ana Júlia Carepa, nesta quinta-feira para receber a Comitiva de Inspeção da Fifa em Belém. A cidade concorre com Manaus (AM) e Rio Branco (AC) o direito de representar a Amazônia na Copa.

Além dos governos de Amapá e Maranhão, a mineradora Vale também declarou apoio à candidatura paraense. A diretoria da empresa enviou uma carta à governadora declarando torcer, juntamente com todos os que residem no Pará, para que Belém seja uma das 12 cidades escolhidas.

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I agree with you on Belem of the four.

I think those in addition to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro that would be given are: Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Recife, Salvadore, and Fortaleza.

I would like to see Florianopolis as well but the city would not be a certainty..

AS for the final city, I suspect it will be political. I think because Goiania is not far from Brasilia, it may lose out but farm country will likely get one of its cities so Cuiaba, Campo Grande or Goiania. As a result, I suspect that if Natal is chosen, they may choose Campo Grande or Cuiaba over Belem.

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