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Its Called Football (Guests tomorrow - Jan.31)

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Great show coming up tomorrow (Jan. 31)

Dino Rossi from the Voyageurs will be on to talk about your latest request and thoughts on the state of Canadian soccer.

We'll also be joined by Stephen Hart, the CSA technical director, by phone later in the show to talk about youth development in Canada, CONCACAF and the U-20 World Cup.

Check us out starting at Noon EST, on www.thatchannel.com



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Watching pre the show. Looks like a meeting of NDP granola eaters. Hey camera guy, you focus by zooming in on the eyes - focus - then zoom out.

Is the girl allowed to talk? Stop interrupting her. Let her speak! Let her speak! Let her speak!

The host is doing a nice job for a young guy.

This is a really good concept, good transmission, good job. I'm a convert.

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