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marco bustos - selected as the youngest canadian..


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has anyone heard of this guy? is he another gianni?

the article doesn't say much about him but i thought if anyone knew about him, that maybe they could post some info here... i'll see if i can fin anything else out...

Marco Bustos is on the road to becoming a big-time soccer player.

Bustos has become the youngest player in Canadian history to be selected to the National Training Centre.

"This is an outstanding accomplishment for a 12-year-old Manitoba athlete with a great soccer future ahead of him," MSA executive director Hector Vergara said in a press release. "With the proper guidance Marco will continue to develop to possibly be one of Canada's top future players."

The National Training Centre program is intended to help mould the top young players in the country and prepare them for international matches at the youth level, with the hope of one-day competing for a spot on the senior national team.

"I am very excited and proud of myself to have heard that I am the youngest player to participate in the NTC Program in Canada," Bustos said in a press release. "I am always eager and motivated to learn. My next goal is to be selected as an NTC travelling player."


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Good for him! Hopes he continues to improve and one day becomes one of the stars of the CMNT.

It just crossed my mind that we could possibly see him and Gianni Patina suit up for Canada in 2 years time (2011) with the U15's looking ahead to U17 Qualifying for 2013.

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Didn't his dad, Alex Bustos, play for the Winnipeg Fury of the Canadian Soccer League?

If true, that's some lineage ... Good for him!

(edit: after reading the free press link, I guess he did play

for the Fury. He's listed on the first year roster (1987). )

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^Thought he was in and out of the Fury squads for a few years. Hard to remember now.

Sorry, hodgkiss. No inside info to add but I can speculate a little.

If Hector is sincere in his assessment, and Alex Bustos is his dad I have to say this lad may be well worth keeping an eye on. And at 5'10" and 12 years old? Oi, somebody has been taking their vitamins.

I wouldn't let his size mislead you into thinking he's just one of those big kids standing out because he's physically superior. His old man was/is all about the attacking part of the game and blessed with good speed and a better 1st touch. A really nice 1st touch. Good dribbler and physically strong on his feet with the ball.

As quick with the ball as without it (a rare gift) but the sort who used their speed as a tool and not a crutch is you know what I mean.

I'm assuming the apple doesn't fall far from the tree here of course, but I hope in some ways that's not true. His old man was crap in the air and never met a defensive formation he liked.

I could be wrong but I think Alex Bustos was quoted as saying at one time that tackling was like growing old. It's not something you want to do but it does always seems to happen to you anyway.

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marco bustos is only 5'1 i know this because i live in winnipeg they might have put the 0 by accident. Alex Bustos did play for the fury one year. Marco bustos is like another messi. He is pure left foot and very very skill full you have to check him out for yourself. He e is one of the most talented players here in Canada. Him and his moves are so blind its tremendous what you see out of this 12 year old 5'1.

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