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Whitecaps Camp news


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Thought I would start this thread for any and all ongoing news:

There are a total of 15 players on trial at this moment at Whitecaps training camp. Along with Ayre, Haber, Lensky, and Nonni as previously mentioned, other Canadians include:

-Matthew Britner, former youth national team player drafter by New England in the MLS Suppleimental Draft last year.

-Kristjan Johannson, local kid from North Delta that played PDL with Abbotsford last year

-Martin John, from Ottawa, played NCAA at University of Buffalo

-Brad Peetoom, another former youth national team player that played NCAA at University of Syracuse and was in the PDL with Abbotsford last year.

-Graham Smith, UBC player that has gotten a run out with the Whitecaps before

The roster limit is 26 and Whitecaps currently have 15 players under contract. The 15 under contract does not include residency players such as Edwini-Bonsu, Gage, Orgill, etc. that are expected to have full roster spots this year. If you include these 3 at a minimum, plus a backup keeper, there are still 6-7 spots to be won.

USL teams are allowed a total of 7 international players (not from Canada or the US). The Whitecaps currently have a total of 5 under contract: Arze, James, Versailles, Charles, Hirano. Orgill would make 6 if he gets a full roster spot. That leaves one international spot open. The rest would have to be filled by Canadian/American players.

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Guest Jeffery S.

I got this funny feeling they will be signing a few strong players from Cyprus this summer, just to strengthen the team and all that. And just to be consistent.

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quote:Originally posted by youllneverwalkalone

It would be great to see 1 big international and have the rest be former Canadian youth internationals and academy players. At least in terms of MLS prep.

It would be great to see this even without MLS.

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