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2018 & 2022 prospects???


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Seeing the article on fifa.com brought to mind some things that I read around a year ago. I seem to remember something about Sepp Blatter invoking a continental rotation system for World Cup candidates, which he then revoked just before it completed it's first complete circle??

In other words, awarding S. Korea/Japan, Germany, S. Africa, Brazil, and then ending the system before Concacaf gets what's ours (Oceana wasn't included logically). Am I right here?

You guys seem to know a lot more about Canadian soccer than I do so I'm really just looking for some clarity.

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Hard to remember already. Not just because my memory is dodgy some times but also because it seems like Blatter spits out so much rubbish every time he gets within sight of a camera that you tend to not really hear what he's says anymore.

If I recall correctly I thought this whole silly rotation scheme was part of his presidential re-election campaign. Things were more or less heading that way for a period already so Blatter took advantage and rode the wave. I don't think too many people really took it too seriously. The idea of the modern WC not being held in the most profitable time slots available, that is to say in time slots UEFA compatible, is pretty unbelievable. FIFA wears its wallet very close to its heart, and not by accident.

Necessity requires the WC get moved around of course but two World Cups in a row generating less than the absolute maximum potential TV revenue would be a very hard sell over at FIFA HQ in Switzerland.

Oh, and I believe Blatter justified allowing world wide bidding for 2018 (within the context of continental rotation) by including North America with South America. Apparently we got our turn when Brazil was awarded the 2014 WC. Yes, I know. Different continents, different confederations but Blatter never let facts get in the way of a statement or FIFA directive.

But to be fair there really are only two countries in CONCACAF who could host a WC and I can't see Mexico hosting another WC in my lifetime so a pretty boring bidding process.

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What a Bono.

Well.. I suppose we have a shot at 2022 then, since 2018 will no doubt go back to Europe? Seeing as how the US, Australia, and India are the only other major markets where soccer isn't at or near its maximum potential we could have a shot, right???

I suppose that having a legit bid for 2022 would be asking too much from the CSA.

Anyone know any plans on that front?

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