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Krautzen & Osieck

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I was just curious if anybody could clarify their relationship for the Caps in the 70s. My understanding is that Eckhard was manager and Holger was a player; however, Wiki has Holger managing the Caps in '77. Was he assistant manager or player-coach?

I also wanted to take this opportunity say that I wish both these guys would come back. I deeply regret being on the players side in the Osieck coup. We've seen recently that the inmates run the asylum in this country. Look where it's got us.

And I noticed that Krautzen, in addition to qualifying Tunisia for the World Cup, and winning one of two German Cup finals, also was sporting director at Hoffenheim immediately before they began their incredible run up the German pyramid. I don't think he had anything to do with hiring Hans-Dieter Flick, but you can add his name to the list of guys who would be welcome here as far as I'm concerned.

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