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Onward -- Canada in the New Year

Ben Knight

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"One wonders if anyone will ever get a contract from the CSA again! General secretary Peter Montopoli – the man charged with enacting the strategic plan – doesn’t have one. That’s a legacy of the Fred Nykamp affair, when a new CEO was drafted in and signed, but then ordered never to come to work. The amount of the out-of-court settlement was never released, but it looks like it came directly out of the “fire Dale Mitchell” budget."

brilliant as usual - happy new year

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Happy New Year Ben and all Voyageurs.

For me 2008 was the sadest year for Canadian soccer since 1969, the year I first began following the Canadian game. It got to the point where the pathetic way that the CSA continues to run their affairs led me to not attending a single World Cup qualifying games in Canada. The only game that I considered going to was the one in Edmonton against Mexico. However, unlike in previous campaigns of going out and buying a ticket as soon as they went on sale, I decided to wait and see what kind of product the CSA was going to deliver in the matches before the Edmonnton game. On hindsight I'm so glad I didn't waste my money on a match ticket, an airplane ticket, a hotel room, restaurant meals and cab-fares. I've already seen this script once before, another 2-2 charity draw with Mexico in a freezing Commonwealth Stadium in 1997.

The CSA continues to waste the money that Canadians keep splashing out on a very crappy product. The Kevan Pipe hush money, the Fred Nykamp settlement money, and the Dale Mitchell contract all demonstrate that the CSA doesn't have a clue in the hiring department. How can anything else go right for Canadian soccer with these imbesiles running the show. They are also incapable of making a contract with a broadcaster willing to show all of our games, cause jeeze if CBC got to show Canada's games, who would watch all those wonderful baseball games on Sportsnet. How do those American baseball teams make sure that they get an ironclad contract with Sportsnet? No wonder corporate Canada isn't willing to get behind the CSA.

So now what's the best these creative geniuses at CSA control can come up with to raise their much needed revenue that they will inevitably squander anyhow? They try to nail the little kids of our country for an addition 5 bucks a year. Those dirty motherf#$%&^ing Bas%^#*s!! Let me at em.

Once again, Happy New Year everyone. May an Islamic extremist mistakingly set his sights on Metcalf Street and do us all a big F_ing favour.

quote:Originally posted by Ben Knight

Happy New Years, dear V's!


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