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EX TFC coach hired to coach US u18s.


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Ex TFC Academy coach more living proof of Peter Principle

Mike Matkovich Named Head Coach of U-18 Men's National Team


He abandoned his duties at TFCA, leaving the academy in shambles; they still haven't recovered.

So he washed out at Chivas; and lands at the USSF, back with a youth program where he didn't want to be.

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^ I noticed this yesterday when scrolling through some blogs and the same thing cam to mind....

as it was explained to me, he left TFC because he wanted to coach men, not boys. After 1 year, he's out at Chivas and back to coaching boys....

According to the blog I read, Chivas' meddling owner decided to shuffle Matkovitch out in favor of an assistant coach from Chivas de Guadelajara(the head coach in waiting perhaps???). Apparently, Preki wasn't consulted on the new hiring and it was unclear if Preki was in favor of sacking Matkovitch (of course, they won't say it was a sacking...he left for a "better opportunity")

Somehow I don't imagine Mo is a shedding a tear for Mike's plight

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