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DeRo has been traded to Toronto!


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quote:Originally posted by Gian-Luca

Financial details haven't been released. Nice to see the Toronto Star list TFC's Canadian talent in this article:


but they list O'Brian White as a Canuck and not Kevin Harmse!

Maybe there is some debate about whether Harmse is "talent." :D

Actually, I think he's decent when played in back. He's a little dubious in midfield, though.

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quote:Originally posted by Grandstander

2 years for DeRo (or 2 and a club optionfor 3) would have been very good. At 4 years, wow, not sure that's wise.

it's not a risk. he's 30 now... he's still got 4 good years in him at least. Perhaps in year 4 he'll be supplanted by some younger star.

Also, with the likelihood that the cap goes up starting next year after the CBA negotiations, De Ro will be taking up less and less cap space as the years progress.

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