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Could Montreal be in MLS by 2011 anyway???

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Rumours are now circulating on MLS Rumours that an MLS team is expected to be relocated perhaps in 2011. Could Montreal be the likely candidate for receiving the relocating club.

This one in particular story on MLSR just landed in their mailbox and seems remotely possible but it is anyone's guess as to which club the author is talking about.

Here it is:

original MLS investor will announce sale of franchise by first of year. sale in wake of investor learning urban SSS project will not move forward. low attendance also cited. new owner currently manages stadium & arena with another long-term MLS investor. said stadium will host relocated franchise. as conditions of sale, current owner keeps interest in sum & new owner drops pursuit of franchise in new pro grid league. current owner may also purchase minor stake in NHL team new owner hopes to land & house in planned arena project. despite relocation, MLS franchise will maintain current name in entirety.

sorry for mystery format, but I am close to a party involved & must maintain anonymity.

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It's probably bollocks given it is on MLSrumours but the original investors that are left are AEG (LA, Houston), HSG (Columbus, Dallas) and the Krafts (NER). Of those teams LA, Columbus and Dallas have SSSs built so that narrows it down to Houston and NER. Probably Houston given they are having problem with their SSS plans, while NER's I/O's own their stadium even if it is an NFL one and have less incentive to move, but the low attendance bit casts doubt on that. I don't think the rest fits Montreal because where does the new pro grid league enter into the equation in a Montreal context? Houston are listed as one of the possible USFL cities on wikipedia so that might explain how name could be kept in entirety.


Probably more to be found googling on the would be Houston USFL owner and links to MLS I/Os to see if that hunch pans out but I don't have the time on my hands to do it. :) Another possibility on the SSS project going nowhere would be DC United if I am misinterpreting the intended meaning of "original investor". Again though I don't think low attendance fits.

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Moving Houston may look bad on the league from the perceptive of the casual fan. San Jose to Houston to _______? All in the span of under 10 years. I don't recall a North American sports franchises (in any sport) relocating TWICE in one decade.

"new owner currently manages stadium & arena with another long-term MLS investor. said stadium will host relocated franchise"

Perhaps this relocation would be to Portland? Doesn't their owner also own that minor baseball/soccer stadium the USL-1 Timbers play in?

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